YSEP Factory Study Tour 1: Honjo Bosai Kan

DSC01393The First Factory Study Tour for this autumn semester 2009 was held at 本所防災館(Honjo Bosai-kan) (Life Safety Center) on October 13th 2009. It is located at Sumida-ku, Tokyo. This is a place where we can learn about life safety, including simulation of the condition when the disaster happens and what we should do, due to many kinds of natural disaster in Japan.

This life safety center can be divided into several sections: earthquake simulation section, smoke maze section, fire fighting training section on the first floor, first aid training room on the second floor, rainstorm simulation section on the third floor, and 3-D theater on the fourth floor.

First, after entering the life safety center, all FST participants were given a card for each as a card for experiencing the life safety center. Then all participants went to the fourth floor to the 3-D theater. The life safety center provided 3-D glasses and translator for each participant. In the 3-D theater, there were two movies shown to the participants. First was the film about daily life of people in Tokyo, and the second film was about the condition when an earthquake happened.

After watching the films in the 3-D theater, the participants were divided into 4 groups. Each group have different order of visiting the sections in the life safety center. My group first went to the fire fighting training section. In this section, we were taught about how to use the extinguisher when a fire occured. There were simulation fire on the screen and we were supposed to put off the fire by shooting water from the extinguisher to the fire on the screen.

After that, we went to the rainstorm simulation section. Before getting into the rainstorm simulator, we had to put on some raincoat and boots. Then we got in to the rainstorm simulator where there was rain and strong wind blowing and we were supposed to stand still by holding on the poles provided.

Next, we went to the smoke maze section. In the smoke maze section, we were taught about the danger of staying in the smoke for a long time and how to find the way out when there was smoke in a building. Smoke tends to go to higher places, so we have to go to lower places and find the way out of a building when there is smoke. In this smoke maze section, we were put into a maze where we should find the way out of the maze while maintaining the proper walking position in order to not inhaling the smoke. There was a screen where we could see the persons inside the maze and see the condition of the persons.

Last, we went to the earthquake simulation section. In this section, we were taught about the order of things we should do when an earthquake happened. First, we had to turn off all the gases, and then we should hide under the table and putting the pillow or some soft things to protect our head. Then if the condition was safe, should go to the door and go out of the building. The earthquake was simulated to 7 Richter scale.

After finishing the tour in those sections above, there were some quiz machines at the first floor to test our knowledge about what we should do when a natural disaster happened. After that, before going back to the campus, we took a picture in front of the life safety center. It was a very interesting Factory Study Tour.


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  1. Andre Puja Oktora says:

    nice story..
    i hope someday can go to Japan..

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