From Indonesia to Japan (2)

The trip from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Narita Airport took quite a long time. It took 7 hours for that trip. I don’t like it because I’m not a person who can stay for a long time in an airplane without getting air sickness. Luckily, for this flight, there was a small cinema for every passenger (a small screen in front of every seat), so it was not so boring to be inside the airplane for 7 hours. After being uncertain about what to watch, I finally chose “The Proposal” acted by Sandra Bullock. Actually I had already watched it, but because it was interesting, I watched it one more time.

During the flight, we were given two meals, dinner and lunch. There were several kinds of meal we could choose. There were also several kinds of drink we could choose. But I almost didn’t drink anything during the flight so that my throat sored for several days after arriving in Japan because I was too thirsty.

There was bad weather during both flight I took from Indonesia to Japan. The airplane shaked a lot because of that. I was a little afraid if something bad would happen because of the bad weather. Fortunately, the airplane could arrive safely in Narita Airport. I was very relieved that the flight finally ended.

When I went out from the airplane, the pilot was standing near the door saying thank you to every passenger for taking the flight. The pilot gave me some souvenir from Malaysia Airline.

DSC01309Narita airport was a quite interesting airport because we could see pictures of many things that represented Japan in the way from the arrival gate to immigration office.

DSC01307After finishing the immigration process, we splitted up into several groups because we were supposed to meet our tutor in several different places. I was supposed to meet my tutor at Tokyo City Air Terminal. So I took a limousine bus from Narita Airport to Tokyo City Air Terminal. After meeting my tutor, we went to the Umegaoka dormitory by taking the Hanzomon line which would continue travelling to Den-en Toshi line and stopped at Fujigaoka Station. From Fujigaoka Station to Umegaoka Dormitory, it took about 20 minutes walk. I had to bring my luggage (which was heavy) and walked along the way to dormitory. Fortunately, I used the luggage sending service from Narita Airport to my dormitory. If not, I could not have brought all my quite heavy luggage to dormitory.

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