Momiji @ Takao-san

On November 22nd, my friends and I went to see momiji (紅葉) at Takao-san (高尾山). In the autumn, the leaves of Japanese maple turn red, and this is called momiji, which means red leaves. Takao-san is one of the places where this plant grows a lot, so it is a perfect place for seeing momiji.

We went to Takao-san from Shibuya Station (渋谷駅) and stopped at Takaosanguchi Station (高尾山口駅). It costed 370 yen for a one way trip from Shibuya to Takaosanguchi. But because we went there in a group, so we bought multiple trip tickets which made the cost of the trip become 265 yen for one way. It saved quite a lot of money because if we used the tickets for round trip, it meant that we saved 210 yen for one person.

We went hiking in Takao-san, and while we were walking, we could see that the leaves along the road were turning red. So it was a good opportunity to see the beauty of the nature and also exercise our body. There were many hiking trails in Takao-san, and we chose the hiking trail 1. The hiking tracks from the bottom of the mountain to its top was actually not too long, it was about 2,5 km. But there were cable cars or cable chairs for visitors who did not want to hike for that distance. The cable cars/chairs did not take the visitors to the top of the mountain, so if they wanted to reach the top of the mountain, they would still have to walk. It costed 470 yen for one way ticket for cable car, but it would be cheaper for round trip ticket (I forgot how much it was).

This is a view from a resting place at the middle of the hiking trail.

View from Takao-san hiking trail

View from Takao-san hiking trail

At some places along the hiking trail, there were people selling foods and hot drinks. So if the visitors got tired and thirsty or hungry, they could take a rest for a while and eat or drink something hot. There were dangos (ごまだんご) which was burnt like this.

Burnt dango

Burnt dango

There was also a temple before reaching the top of the mountain. It was also an attractive place for the visitors of Takao-san. The name of the temple was Yakuoin (薬王院).

Temple at Takao-san

Temple at Takao-san

From the top of the mountain, we could see beautiful view. There were also more red leaves at the top of the mountain than the bottom. This is a photo taken when I was at the top of the mountain.

At the top of Takao-san

At the top of Takao-san

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6 Responses to Momiji @ Takao-san

  1. Eddie says:

    Huaaa.. wanna take a tour to Japan too… Hey.. Unpad have the student exchange program too.. if i have a chance, i would really love to go to South Korea…. Huahuhauhaua….

  2. Andre Puja Oktora says:

    kuil di jepang kayak gitu ya? unik juga..
    ntar kapan2 aku posting kuil2 di taiwan deh.. gak kalah unik loh..

  3. beda2 sih kuil di jepang.itu kuil kecil. ada juga kuil gede

  4. meriororen says:

    go risi go risi!!

    dingin2 naek gunung, dasar..

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