DIY Snack, Cheap Snack

I am a person who likes to eat snacks like chips, chocolates, cookies, ice cream and crackers. I usually buy a lot of snacks whether in Indonesia or in Japan. But in Japan, the price of snacks is quite expensive compared to snacks in Indonesia. Besides that, the varieties of snacks like chips in Japan are not as many as in Indonesia. Usually the most popular chips sold are potato chips and snacks with corn flavor. There are also banana chips and sweet potato chips, but they are not as easy to find as potato chips. So, I decided to make snacks by myself to get cheaper snack which is different from snacks sold in stores.

Today I made sweet potato chips. Actually this is the first kind of snack I’ve ever made. I’ve tried to make sweet potato chips on Sunday. But because it was only a trial so I only made chips from one small sweet potato. Today I made sweet potato chips in larger amount, I used 3 small sweet potatoes.

The sweet potato I used was 紅東薩摩芋. Maybe other kinds of sweet potato can be made into sweet potato chips too. I bought this 紅東薩摩芋 only because its price was discounted so I could get 4 sweet potatoes for 98 yen. I like to buy discounted things, although not as much as my roommate. 😀

Japanese sweet potato (Satsuma imo)

Japanese sweet potato (Satsuma imo)

First I washed the sweet potatoes and then I peeled the skin. The sweet potatoes were then cut into thin slices. I used vegetable peeler so that it would be easier and faster to get the sweet potato slices. But when the sweet potato became too small to use peeler on it, I had to use knife and cut it into thin slices. After the sweet potatoes were all cut into thin slices, I soaked them in water for some time.

Sweet potato slices

Sweet potato slices

Garlic and salt

Garlic and salt

For the spices, I only used garlic and salt and some water. The garlic was cut into small pieces and pounded as small as possible. Then I put some salt and water into it. The sweet potato slices were then soaked into the spices for several time. This time I tried to soak it for several hours.

Soaked sweet potato slices

Soaked sweet potato slices

After being soaked into spices, the sweet potato slices were then taken out from the spices liquid and fried. The frying did not need a long time because the sweet potato slices were thin so they get cooked easily. Finally, this is my sweet potato chips.

Sweet potato chips

Sweet potato chips

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4 Responses to DIY Snack, Cheap Snack

  1. lumierre9 says:

    wah tampak enak…bagi2 dong 😀

  2. chandra28288 says:

    nampak sangat enak =p hehehe…
    laen kali kalo mo bikin sesuatu yang aneh2 ajak2 gua ya…
    sekalian belajar masak nih =p hahaha…

  3. Risiana says:

    gw banyak bikin yg aneh2. termasuk keripik pisang gagal.hehe.silakan kalo mau belajar makanan aneh2

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