Indang Dance

Today will be my fifth time to perform Indang Dance. Indang Dance is a dance from Minangkabau culture, West Sumatera, Indonesia. This dance is performed by sitting. Indang Dance was established by observing how fishermen cast their net and how rice is winnowed. (I got explanation about Indang Dance from this site). I was recruited as a member of the dancing group, together with other Indonesian YSEP students and some other Indonesian students at Tokyo Institute of Technology. Up until now, the dance we had been performing was Indang Dance. Maybe after this fifth performance, we will change to other kinds of dance too, but I’m still not sure what dance it will be.

We wore dancing costumes when we were performing this dance. Usually, women wore the red costume while men wore black costume. But it was not absolutely like that because sometimes women could also wear black costume. This was accustomed according to the formation of the dancers and the number of costumes available. I had always been wearing red costume till now. Red costume has so many accessories on it. It has a lot beads on it and many other accesories that sometimes it hinder the dancer’s movement.

The first time we performed our dance was in the Koudaisai (school festival) of Tokyo Institute of Technology. It was quite nervous at that time because it was my first time to perform this dance. The thing that I don’t like the most is my hat fell down at the end of the dance because it  was slightly too big for me. This is the video of our first performance at Tokodai’s Koudaisai.

The second performance was at the Kawasaki City Festival. I made some mistake again here, and this time it was a big mistake. I forgot one of the dancing movement so I mixed up my movement with the one sitting beside me. (We should actually made opposite movement). And in the end, my friend who was supposed to have the same movement as me got influenced by me and he was confused.

The third performance was at the welcome party for Tokyo Institute of Technology international students at Suzukakedai. This time it was a perfect dance without any mistake. 😀 But in this performance, actually I sat down on the beads on my costume. I don’t know how it happened. But it really hurted me and I had to endure it until the performance finished.

The fourth performance was at the FESTA. It was a charity performance for Padang earthquake at Indonesia. This time we didn’t only dance but we also sang “Bengawan Solo” and “Kambanglah Bungo”. Unfortunately I don’t have any video to put in here.

The fifth performance will be today at an event called “Sumatera no Kaze”. I hope I won’t screw up the performance and make any mistake. This time the dance will be quite different because the dancing movement and the sitting position will be quite different from usual. Hope everything will go well today.

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2 Responses to Indang Dance

  1. chandra28288 says:

    aduh banyak banget sih tampilnya?
    ga bosen apa =p ?

    *kaya yang sendirinya ga pernah bolos nari aja =9 hahaha…

  2. Risiana says:

    Bosen donk. next katanya mau ganti tarian lain

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