Indang Dance Performance at Sumatera no Kaze

On December 5th, 2009, PPI Tokodai Dancers Group performed Indang Dance in an event called Sumatera no Kaze. Sumatera no Kaze was a charity event organized by ICJ (Indonesian Community in Japan) to raise fund for Padang earthquake victims in Indonesia. It was held at Ark Hill Cafe, Roppongi (near 六本木一丁目駅). The entrance fee was 5000 yen for on person, 4000 yen was the actual entrance fee but 1000 yen would be taken and given as charity for the earthquake victims, so it made up total 5000 yen.

This was my fifth time to perform this dance. This time there were only 6 dancers, half of the number of dancers at our first performance. The formation and entrance of the dancers to the stage was also quite different, because we could only get a small place in the middle of the room. We changed our formation so that we could see the audience from two sides. 3 dancers were facing the audience near the food table, while 3 others faced the other side. I was one who faced the table side. Actually I really wanted to eat those food on the table, but because we had to dance, so we had to wait until we finished dancing before eating those food. 😦

This is the video of our dancing.

Besides dancing, PPI Tokodai also had one more performance. It was the singing from Suka-Suka Team. They sang several songs from several parts of Indonesia. Their sound was good. This is the video of their singing.

After dancing, we (dancers) quickly changed our costumes and then went to the table to take the food. We were all hungry at that time 😀 There were several foods served in that event like salad, tiramisu, onion ring, potato wedge, macaroni, and a food made of chicken (I don’t know what food it was). There were also several kinds of drinks like beer, red wine, cassis, orange juice, grapefruit juice, oolong tea. We had to exchange a “drink card” with a glass of drink . I drank orange juice and oolong tea. Every performers (dancers and singers) got 2 “drink card” for free, so we could get 2 kinds of drinks. Whereelse can we get expensive food and drinks by dancing. 😀

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One Response to Indang Dance Performance at Sumatera no Kaze

  1. [Gm] says:

    Congratulations, you are now officially a professional dancer!… you got ‘paid’ to dance :-D…

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