8 km “on Boots”

On Sunday, December 6th, 2009 I walked for about 8 km in my boots. I walked from Shibuya (渋谷) to Shinjuku (新宿) by passing Harajuku (原宿) and Yoyogi (代々木), and then I walked in Shinjuku starting from eastern part of Shinjuku to the northern part, then to the western part of Shinjuku to meet my friends, then we walked to the southern part of Shinjuku and return back to the western part of Shinjuku. Maybe I was crazy and stupid at that time to walk for such a long distance by wearing a pair of boots. Actually I would prefer to wear my sports shoes, but because they were wet when I used them on a rainy day, so I had to wear my boots on that Sunday.

On that day, my friends and I wanted to see Illumination in Shinjuku. We made an appointment to meet at Shinjuku West gate at 6 pm. But I went to Tokyo Baptist Church at Shibuya to attend the 11 am worship, and it finished at 1 pm. So I still had 5 hours before 6 pm. But because Shibuya was nearer to Shinjuku than my dormitory at Fujigaoka Station, so I decided to take a walk and have a look around Shibuya. My friend who went to the church together with me accompanied me to take a walk at Shibuya, and after that he also accompanied me to walk to Shinjuku. Actually we were just walking without really intending to walk to Shinjuku. But after walking for some time at Meiji Toori (明治通り), we arrived at Harajuku. So we just decided to keep walking to Shinjuku.

We arrived at the eastern part of Shinjuku, then my friend took the train to go back home, while I continued travelling at Shinjuku because it was still about 3 pm. I walked northward from Shinjuku Station east gate in hope that I could turn back and go to the Shinjuku Station west gate.

Shinjuku Station East Gate

Shinjuku Station East Gate

I stopped by at McDonald’s at Shinjuku to have a lunch and take a rest for while. I probably only took a rest for 10 minutes. After that I continued walking northward. I went into some shops, but I was not very interested to get into any shop without having any target things I wanted to buy, so I just passed most of the shops in Shinjuku. I walked westward after that and I arrived at Kabukichou (歌舞伎町) at about 5 pm. I didn’t realize how stupid I was to walk alone in Kabukichou. (If you don’t know what place Kabukichou is, just type it in google and you’ll find out).I event took a picture of its gate.

Kabukichou Gate

Kabukichou Gate

I walked pass Kabukichou to a place which I didn’t know where it was. I could not locate where it was in my maps, because it was not a famous or crowded place, so it was not shown in my maps. I walked for quite a long time without asking anyone where I was, and there was one place where it had many Korean restaurants on it and there were many Korea related shops. Actually I wanted to tell my Korean friends about that, but because I didn’t know where it was, I couldn’t show that place to them. Finally after I thought that I was really lost, I asked somebody which way I should take to go to the Shinjuku Station west gate. I definitely took the wrong direction because I was walking to the opposite direction of going to the station. Ahhh, how stupid I was.

After a kind Japanese showed me the way to Shinjuku Station, I finally arrived at Shinjuku Station at nearly 6 pm. I went into Shinjuku Pallette where it had a big UNIQLO shop in it, and then I went to meet my friends at Shinjuku Station.

From Shinjuku Station, we went to see the illumination at Shinjuku which was located near the station. We took a lot of pictures there. The illumination was beautiful because they used colorful lamps to decorate the trees and road. But most of the lamps used were blue. There was also fortune lamp which had different meaning for different color it put out. Many people queued only to push the button and see how their fortune was. After we finished walking in the Shinjuku Illumination Terrace, we went to an Indian restaurant to have some Indian food for dinner. We went home at about 10 pm. I walked for about 8 hours almost non stop on that day.

Shinjuku Illumination Terrace entrance

Shinjuku Illumination Terrace entrance

White Tree

White Tree

Blue tree

Blue tree


Penguin Cart

Penguin Cart

And as the result for walking that much, my feet really hurt a lot now, especially the bottom of my feet.

*I measured this 8 km by using one of the features in Google Maps.

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4 Responses to 8 km “on Boots”

  1. chemieingenieur says:

    Hah…ngga nyangka.

  2. meriororen says:

    wkwkwkwk,, jalan lagi yok ris =D

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