DIY Snack, Cheap Snack 2

On last Saturday, I made another snack again. This time, it was potato chips. I have already eaten up all my sweet potato chips, so I made new snacks again. 😀 This time, the reason why I chose to make potato chips was also the same as before. Potatoes are on sale. I got 5 small size potatoes for 99 yen. It was quite a good price for potatoes. The spices needed to make potato chips are just the same as the sweet potato chips I made before. I only used garlic and salt liquid and then I soaked the potato slices in it. So I won’t explain about the process in detail here.

Well, actually I also tried to make banana chips about one or two weeks ago. But I failed making banana chips because I couldn’t get any raw banana as the ingredient for banana chips. I could only find ripe banana, so after I fried the banana it ended up only as fried banana, not as banana chips.

The differences of making sweet potato chips and potato chips are the slicing process and the frying process. Potato is rounder than sweet potato, so it is more difficult to slice a potato by using a slicer because we have to hold almost the whole potato in our hand while using a sharp peeler on the opposite surface. Meanwhile, sweet potato is longer, so we can grab one end of it and peel quickly at the other end. Moreover, the potatoes I used were small size potatoes. It made it more difficult to get potato slices. As a result, I cut my hand when I was slicing the potatoes with vegetable peeler.

Because my hand was cut, I left the potato slices in the spice liquid for one night and continued making the potato chips the next day. It was still the first potato I had sliced, so I fried these potato slices and then sliced other potatoes and soaked them in the spices liquid for about one hour. The taste of these potato chips are different. The first batch potato chips tasted normal at first, but after biting them for several seconds, the taste became very salty. Maybe it’s because I soaked them in salty water for an entire night. The second batch potato chips tasted better because they were not soaked for too long in the salty spices liquid.

Frying potato chips was easier than frying sweet potato chips. Potato chips needed longer time to fry than sweet potato chips and did not get burnt as quickly as sweet potato chips. Because I used the Japanese style frying, where they use chopsticks to take fried things in and out of the frying pan, so sometimes it was quite difficult to take out the small size chips. The chips, especially sweet potato chips would get burnt if I did not take them out quickly.

Raw Potatoes

Raw Potatoes

Soaked Potato

Soaked Potato

Potato Chips

Potato Chips

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3 Responses to DIY Snack, Cheap Snack 2

  1. lumierre9 says:

    oh jadi plester di tangan itu karena ini ya??hehe…

  2. Rika says:

    Emg lu bnr2 ga bs hdp tnpa chips y? Kasian bgt,tgn lu mpe tluka 😦 drpd bikin chips,knp ga bikin kentang kentucky ato pisang panggang w/ keju n coklat..bikin chips kan susah puasa mkn chips aj slama setahun..drpd chips,mending lu bikin yogurt aj..jauh lbh gmpg n jauh lbh sehat,bs bwt cemilan n mkn bsama buah 😀

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