Games Played At Chisetsu Elementary School

During my visit to Chisetsu Elementary School to class 1-4, we played a lot of games. All the games we played were traditional Japanese games. These are the games I played with the children at Chisetsu Elementary School.

The first game was the game of putting one of our palm on our fist. There was a song for that game and when the song was sung, we had to, for example, put our right palm below our left fist, and then move our right palm above our left fist. After that we had to change the role of our hands by putting our left palm below our right fist and then move it above our right fist. The movement was repeated until the song ended. When the song ended, we could be called successful if we had our palm on our fist, not below our fist.

The second game was played by two persons. Two persons held each others hands face to face, and then a song was sung. At a certain part of the song, the holding-hands-pairs had to turn their body so that they would be back to back with each other while holding hands. The song continued and at the end of the song, the pairs should turn their body back so that they would face each other again. The game would be said as successful if the two holding hands persons had their hands not crossed when they faced each other again.

The third game was the game of making ugly face. Two participants had to compete with each other to make ugly face and try to make the opponent laugh. The one who laughed first would be the loser. In this game, the teacher asked who wanted to compete with me and all the children raised their hands. So three representatives was chosen to compete making ugly faces with me. The children were great because no matter how I tried, they did not laugh at all. So in the end the result were all draw. I didn’t see what kind of faces I had made, but I guess it must be very very ugly. I don’t care anyway, it was just for having some fun with children. The children even called me Shinigami (死神) which means death god. I don’t know why they called me that, maybe it was because I didn’t lose in even one match or maybe the faces I made was very ugly. But I think maybe the reason was the first one, the 死神 in Bleach is not ugly after all. 😀

The fourth game we played was Kagome Kagome (かごめかごめ). In this game, one child was chosen as the oni sitting and closing his eyes. The other children held hands and made a circle around the oni. While the song was sung, the circle of children moved around the oni and after the song stopped, the child right behind the oni had to make an animal voice. The oni then had to guess who that person behind him was. If the oni guessed it correctly, the person behind the oni had to replace the child in the center to become the oni. This is the song sung during this game:

かごめかごめ 篭の中の鳥は

Kagome Kagome, Kago no naka no Tori wa

いついつ出やる 夜明けの晩に

Itsu Itsu deyaru? Yoake no ban ni


Tsuru to kame ga subetta.


Ushiro no shoumen daare ?

The fifth game we played was Hana Ichi Monme (花一匁). In this game, the children were divided into two groups and they holds hands and faced each other in two lines. This game also used a song during the game. One group stepped toward the other while the other groups stepped backward. When the group that stepped forward reached the other group, they may kick the other group members. The role of the groups was reversed, as the song continued. Then each group said out which member of the opposite group they wanted to come to their group. The two wanted person then did jan-ken-pon to decide who should move to the other group. I was first at the left group but because I lost in jan-ken-pon so I had to move to the right group. This is the song for this game:

Katte ureshii hana ichi monme
Makete kuyashii hana ichi monme
Ano ko ga hoshii
Ano ko ja wakaran
Sōdan shiyō
Sō shiyō

(Then each group called out the name of the person they wanted)

******* ga hoshii

These are the pictures of the class and some of the students.

1-4 Class students

1-4 Class students

1-4 Class

1-4 Class

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4 Responses to Games Played At Chisetsu Elementary School

  1. Mei Linda says:

    anak2nya lucu ya,,, ^^ what a beautiful & lovely children 😀
    btw why were you going to the school? on what event?
    didn’t you go to the lab on your university there that day?

  2. Andre Puja Oktora says:

    kamunya kok ga foto bareng anak2nya sih?

  3. lumierre9 says:

    “But I think maybe the reason was the first one, the 死神 in Bleach is not ugly after all.”

    what about 死神 in デスノート??they’re soooo ugly :P:P:P

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