Visit to Chisetsu Elementary School (池雪小学校)

Yesterday I had a school visit to Chisetsu Elementary School (池雪小学校). This school visit is part of my Topics on Japan class. This elementary school is located at 東京都大田区東雪谷5-7-1. We went to this school by walking from our Ookayama (大岡山) campus. It was a long walk, it took maybe about 30 minutes to walk from our campus to this elementary school. This is an old public school established in 明治11年 (1878). This year is its 131st anniversary. What an old school it is.

This is the school building.

Chisetsu school building

First, after we arrived at the elementary school, we were brought into the library and welcomed by the principal, 岩崎先生. In the library, there are many children books all over the room. There are also many tables and chairs to facilitate the school children who want to read in the library. There is also a big Doraemon drawing on the wall.

After the welcome by the principal, we were brought to the class to which we were assigned. I was assigned to class 1の4. It is the first grade students class. I was paired with a Japanese because I cannot speak Japanese well. The students were all very excited when they saw us came into the class. The teacher who was in charge for 1-4 class was Noguchi Sensei. When we came into the class, they greeted us with “Apa kabar” which is a greeting in Indonesian.

The students then played some games with us. I do not remember the name of the game, so I will just describe the game one by one in my next post.

After playing the games, I was supposed to show some pictures about Indonesia to the children. I had made a simple slide for the children, but because I had no time to print it, so I just brought my heavy laptop computer from my dormitory to this elementary school. Unfortunately, my computer wouldn’t turn on at all. So I couldn’t show them any pictures about Indonesia at all. *A sign that I should buy a new computer.

The students were then given some time to ask questions. Some of them asked “What kind of food do you like?”, “Are there televisions in Indonesia?”, “Are there any cars in Indonesia?”, “Does it rain every night in Indonesia?”, “What anime/cartoon characters are famous in Indoensia?”. When I said that there are a lot of Japan animes in Indonesia, the child was very excited and asked me back, “Are there Naruto or Bleach?”. Well, of course there are, and I like to watch both of them. 😎

After the question and answer time, it was finally lunch time. Some children followed the teacher to take the lunch. While some other children arranged the tables and chairs so that it made some squares around the classroom. Some other children asked me some more questions, then I showed them Indonesia money. I brought from 50 rupiah to 50000 rupiah. They were surprised when they saw the rupiahs. They were amazed when they saw 50000 rupiah. Maybe because 10000 yen is a big amount of money in Japan, so they thought that it was the same as in Indonesia. They continually said “Wah, 100 円, 1000 円, 5 万円, …”. Maybe they still did not understand that Indonesia’s currency is different from Japan.

The food finally arrived. The food served was 五目飯, 味噌汁, and a kind of dish made of beef, beans, and carrot. There was also milk for lunch. The children who was in charge of distributing the food wore white clothes which people usually use for distributing food for many people. The other children made a line and took the food distributed in the classroom. Everybody then sat down at their own chairs and had their lunch. During lunch time the children gave me some souvenirs or wrote some messages saying thank you to me. One little girl drew a picture of me and said that she liked me. 🙂

souvenir from Chisetsu Elementary School Children

souvenir from Chisetsu Elementary School Children

Drawing from Chisetsu Elementary School Children

Drawing from Chisetsu Elementary School Children

Writings of Chisestsu Elementary School children

Writings of Chisestsu Elementary School children

After lunch, we had some photographs. When I took out my camera and wanted to take a picture of them, they were amazed to know that Indonesia also had digital camera. They asked me what was the brand of my camera. Well, it’s Sony, Boy. They even asked me where my bag was from. It was also brought from Indonesia. Then they asked me again, “Are all your things from Indonesia”. I simply answered no, because I was wearing clothes from UNIQLO. 😀

It was quite difficult for the teacher to arrange the children to have a picture together. But finally we got one photo.

Photo of Class 1-4

Photo of Class 1-4

It was finally time to leave the classroom. The children said “Selamat berpisah” to us and waved to us. It was as if we were celebrities. 😀 Some of them even guided us to the library, because we didn’t know which way we should take to go to the library. In the library we were given some hot drinks. After that we had school tour. We went into several rooms like the music room where the children perform a music for us. We also went to a Kanji class where we were allowed to write kanji with a brush on a special kanji writing paper. After this school tour we finally went back to our campus.

Writing kanji

Writing kanji

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2 Responses to Visit to Chisetsu Elementary School (池雪小学校)

  1. Andre Puja Oktora says:

    wah, gambar anaknya bagus loooh…

  2. natsukashii naaa… =)

    jadi ingat kembali ke memori 3 tahun yang lalu…

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