Odaiba Illumination 2009

On December 29th, 2009, I went to watch illumination at Odaiba with my friends. There were six people going there: me, Dita, Chandra, Isa, Risvan, Andy (our tour guide :D). We went to Odaiba to watch the illumination where pictures were projected on the colorful water.

Actually we decided to go to Odaiba to watch illumination on that day quite suddenly. We had planned that we would go to Odaiba, but we hadn’t decided when we would go. I just got a message asking me whether I wanted to go to Odaiba on that afternoon or not. Well, it’s ok, I didn’t have anything to do. So I asked my roommate, Dita, to come with me. Dita invited Isa and Risvan. I invited Chandra. So, finally 6 people decided to go to Odaiba. We finally made a decision to meet at Okayama Station at 2 pm. It was almost 12 o’clock at that time. So I only had 1 hour to prepare myself before going out from my dorm.

I hadn’t had my lunch yet, so I thought I would just make some bento and ate it after arriving at Okayama. I quickly cooked some rice, which was finished cooking after 1 hour in our super-slow rice cooker. Then I quickly cut potatoes and fried them, while I also cut the chicken and sweet potato, and made tempura batter at the same time. Then I stir fry the chicken and potatoes by using a ready-made spice, 干燒蝦仁. It was actually a spice for cooking shrimp, but I only had chicken, so whatever…. I just used it. Then I also made sweet potato tempura. I finished cooking at almost 1 pm and this is my bento.

hurry-up bento

hurry-up bento

At 1.15 pm, I hurried up with Dita to go to the station. Dita wanted to extend her 定期券 period. So I helped her and stood in front of one ticket machine. We asked Laras about how to extend 定期券 because she had just extended it the day before. We wasted a lot of time standing in front the machine but we could not find any 定期券 button on that machine. Finally after 15 minutes we realized that we used the wrong machine. We moved to another machine and there we could find the 定期券 button and extended Dita’s 定期券 period. But, as a result we were late maybe 15 minutes from the appointed time. Sorry…

In the train from Fujigaoka to Okayama, Risvan called me and said that there was free lunch for us, he asked me to go to the main building of Okayama campus. I hadn’t had my lunch, so I just went there and took one free bento. My bento was kept for dinner instead.

After eating the free bento and waiting for Isa, we finally set out at about 3 pm. The train for Okayama-Tokyo Teleport was very expensive. It costed us 420 yen for one way trip. 😦 After arriving at Odaiba, we went to Andy’s dormitory which was said to be like a hotel. “But Umegaoka is still ‘the best dormitory‘”, said Chandra.

We walked to several places guided by our tour guide while waiting for the night time to watch the illumination. We went to the park and made some crazy photos again. And finally we walked to Aqua City and watched the illumination at 7 pm while standing/sitting on the rocks. These are the videos of the illumination. I didn’t take the pictures because the quality was not so good.

After watching the illumination we somehow took a picture of “Dita-Isa scandal”. :p

Then we went to Deckss, Venus Fort, and many places. I didn’t know about the places we visited, just following our guide. 🙂 We also went to Saizeriya to have dinner. Because I had already brought my bento and didn’t eat it for my lunch, I took it out and ate it fot my dinner while the others ordered some food at Saizeriya. And finally we arrived at a game center where Isa, Chandra, and Andy danced on the Dance Dance Revolution machine. They also played several games. After that, we took some pictures together at the purikura.





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