Playing Ski

On December 25th – 27th, I went to play ski in an event “Winter Daisuki” which was organized by PMIJ feat PPI Kanto. It took place at Nagano (長野), at Hakuba Sanosaka (白馬さのさか). Actually we played ski for two days, the Dec 25th was only for the trip from Tokyo to Nagano. We stayed at Happy Memory Ougiya (ハッピーメモリー扇屋).

It was my first time to play ski. There were many participants who were also playing ski/snowboard for the first time. Before we learned about how to play ski, our instructor, Mas Ibung, leaded us for some warming up. Then he taught us how to wear the ski boards, how to fall down, and how to slide down. Thanks Mas Ibung for teaching us how play ski.

After we were taught about the theory, then we tried to practice in a field for beginner. We fell down a lot in our first tries. Then some of us went up to the higher place for intermediate players. Some of us still stayed at the beginner’s field to practice more. When it was already noon, maybe at 11 or 12 o’clock, I went up to the higher playing field too with Yudha. I was not very good at controlling my movements and I still couldn’t turn left or right. So, when I got up and then tried to slide down the slope, actually I had to turn right, but because I still couldn’t turn right, I hit directly to the thick layer of snow and one of my ski boards got stuck in the snow. Laras wanted to help me but she couldn’t move herself to my place. Fortunately Risvan was also there and he came to help me out of the snow. Right after I could get out of the snow, I stood up and tried to move forward. But I got stuck again within 1 m range from the previous spot. Risvan came to help me again. Thanks Risvan for helping me twice. But don’t laugh at me because of those incidents.

Finally, after a long time, I could get down and went into the restaurant to have some lunch. After lunch, we went up and played ski again. This time it was harder than before because the snow had already hardened and became ice. It was more difficult to control our ski boards. I could get down with a lot of difficulty and a lot of injury, especially on my back. And after that we still had to bring our ski boards and poles to the inn. Thanks Mas Andy for helping me carrying those ski equipments.

The next day, we played ski again. Many people went up to the intermediate play field. At first I didn’t want to go up because my body really hurt a lot. But I got bored for staying for a long time in the beginner play field. So finally went up to the intermediate play field with Mas Solihul Hadi. It was also difficult to play eventhough it was noon because the snow hardened and became ice, so it was also more difficult to control our ski boards.

When I finally managed to get down a steep slope, I met my friends and they said that they wanted to go up by using gondola lift to see some scenery at higher places. At first I didn’t want to go up with them. But when Bahar said that we would go up and down by using gondola, I finally agreed to go up with them. When we arrived at the higher place, we got some bad news, we could not go down by using gondola, we had to slide down by using ski. So, feeling responsible, Bahar accompanied me to get down the steep slope again slowly. I fell down and got stuck again in the snow with my face facing down. Bahar quickly came to help me. Thanks Bahar for helping me. By the way, I just realized I was helped by the twin curly hair owners in PPI Tokodai to get out of the snow. 😀

After we finally went down, Bahar went up again while I went to the locker room to change my clothes, returned the ski equipment, and went to the restaurant to have my lunch. Then at about 3 pm we went back to Tokyo.

down slope

down slope

upper slope

upper slope

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5 Responses to Playing Ski

  1. meongijo says:

    ahahhaha the twin curly hair owners?
    nice hit!!!

    *sorry risi i couldn’t help you..mwahahahha

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  3. Rika says:

    Haha2,fell down with face facing down,mukamu ga jd rata kan? 😛 skt bgt psti y?

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