My New Year in Japan

Happy New Year!


Today is the first day in 2010. It is my first time to have a new year abroad. Tokodai Indonesian Students Association (PPI Tokodai) had an avent in order to welcome the new year. We gathered together and had some dinner together at Isa-Yudha’s house. The main dishes was nabemono (鍋物). There were also other kinds of food like Yudha’s pizza, which were then also made by me and Ipul, Laras and Chandra’s cream cheese blueberry tartlet blueberry cheese cake tartlet (please correct its name if I’m mistaken, Laras Quinn), Bahar’s es buah, blueberry cheese cake, gulai, etc. The purpose of this event was to gather PPI Tokodai members and pass the year together, since PPI Tokodai hadn’t had a big gathering for quite a long time.

The gathering event was started by Bahar’s speech, and then some other PPI Tokodai members’ speeches too. Some interesting thing happened during the speech. Whenever the person who was giving speech talked about money or financial things, the electricity would go off. It was actually just a coincidence because there were too many electric appliances used at the same time.

After the speeches, we ate the nabemono together. I felt quite full although I didn’t eat rice at all. We even cooked potato chips as if they were fresh potatoes in the pot. After eating nabemono, we watched movies together. First we watched Get Smart, then we watched 9. After that they still wanted to watch horror films. But I got bored watching too many movies, so I wanted to find some place to have a sleep. I found a small space behind the wall separating Yudha’s and Isa’s room. Asri was sitting there, and when he saw me coming out from the other side of the wall, he was really surprised (because he was watching horror movie at that time). Asri 先輩、あたしは鬼じゃないよ.

I finally lay at that small space near the wall, but I couldn’t sleep at all no matter how hard and how long I tried. In the end, I didn’t sleep at all till the morning. They were watching many movies, while I just tried to sleep and sometimes got up to drink something or watch the movie for a while.

After they finished watching movies, then they started to sing many songs, from Indonesian songs to English and Japanese songs. I still couldn’t sleep at all. It was very cold and I couldn’t move my body freely while lying on that small space. Even after I moved to the bed, I still couldn’t sleep at all. So I just watched them singing. I didn’t sing at first because I felt quite uncomfortable with my stomach.

In the morning we ate french fries as our breakfast while singing many songs. I also ate “special” curry. 😀 I joined them singing after several last songs before going home. We finally went home at maybe 11 or 12 o’clock. And now I really want to sleep a lot because I lacked of sleep last night.

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11 Responses to My New Year in Japan

  1. Andre Puja Oktora says:


  2. lumierre9 says:

    “…when he saw me coming out from the other side of the wall, he was really surprised…”


  3. meongijo says:

    blueberry cheese cake tartlet – failed one actually. hahaha…

    special curry? ah.. the thing that mas andy brought?

  4. ashray says:

    “…when he saw me coming out from the other side of the wall, he was really surprised (because he was watching horror movie at that time). Asri 先輩、あたしは鬼じゃないよ…”


    パーティー楽しかったね. Sayang risi nyanyinya di terakhir2 doang, padahal kita nunggu2 suara “Mariah Risi” lho.. 🙂

    Sip, nanti kita party lagi ya.. : )


    • Risiana says:

      ntar takut2in Mas Asri lg ah…. :p
      mood nyanyi baru muncul di akhir2.hehe
      gpp lah,biar yg lain penasaran,apalagi si bahar.hehe.
      sip,kpn2 party lg n nyanyi2 lg

  5. chemieingenieur says:

    Woow, keknya ktinggalan berita di blognya risi ni…gomen 🙂
    You seems enjoyed the party, huh 😀

    Btw kesabaranku berbuah…akhirnya denger suara risi!!! Yg laen pada triak2 risi diem mulu si…

    Next time let’s make much much joyful party….off course in PPI Tokodai’s way…

    Btw lagi…リシちゃんの日本語巧いっす!!Two thumbs up!

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