5903 in 3

In Tokodai academic calendar, December 23rd 2009 – January 5th 2010 are holidays (no classes). So I used this time to go hanging out to many places and therefore I skipped going to the lab during that time. In December I went to the Imperial Palace, had a Christmas dinner with my host family, went to play ski, and had a new year party with PPI Tokodai friends, which were already told in my previous posts. After the new year party, I rested for one day from hanging out, I just stayed in the dorm and slept for quite a long time on January 1st. After that, I went hanging out again from January 2nd.

On January 2nd, when I just woke up and wanted to see the time on my handphone, I got a message : “Do you have any plan today? Want to go out?It’s boring to stay at home…. (not fully translated)” . After reading the message, I got up from my bed and went to sit on my chair, my roommate also asked me almost the same question “Do you want to go out today?Want to go to Kamakura?… (also not fully translated)”. So I told her that I also got a message to go out somewhere. Both of us finally acted like an “event organizer”, asking here and there where we would go. In the end, we decided to go to Ikebukuro (池袋). We contacted some friends and finally there were four people who wanted to go to Ikebukuro. It was already 12 o’clock.

Since we took JR trains, we agreed to meet each other at Ikebukuro Station JR gate at 2 pm. It took about an hour for me to go to Ikebukuro Station from Fujigaoka Station. So I only had one hour for me to get ready to go out. I quickly cooked me lunch, spaghetti with curry sauce. Maybe it’s a quite strange food, but I like it anyway. I cooked spaghetti in the microwave while I also made the curry on the stove so that I could cook faster, then I ate quickly. I was several minutes late from 1 pm when I went out from my dorm. My roommate and I walked as fast as we could to the station. In the station, we saw an announcement that there was some accident in JR Yamanote line and the trains were delayed, so we had to take another line. We finally took Saikyo Line at Shibuya Station. We ran from Den-en Toshi Line platform to Saikyo Line platform. It was really far far away…. But after all we could finally arrive at Ikebukuro Station to meet at みどりの窓口. We should just turn left after getting out from the ticket gate to go to that place, but we turned right instead. So it took us a longer time to arrive at the designated place. However, the four of us finally met with each other.

We went to the Sunshine City at Ikebukuro and went into the aquarium and planetarium. It costed us 2400 yen for entering both aquarium and planetarium. 高いね。。。The aquarium was quite small and I didn’t understand what was said during the show in planetarium because it was all in Japanese. I could only guess several sentences.

After we finished visiting aquarium and planetarium, we went to Starbucks to have some coffee, I had some tea latte though, which was very hot, and then we had our dinner at Burger King. Luckily there were discount coupons so we could eat the burgers at a little cheaper-than-normal price. Then we went back to our own home/dormitory. Someone almost hit the fence on the way home. 😀

As usual, after going home, no matter how tired I am, I will turn on my computer first. We discussed again where we would go on the next day. There was a suggestion to go NHK Studio Park at Shibuya. But it was already late at night, so we decided to discuss it the next day. The next day was Sunday,  I had to go to the church. I went to the 11 pm worship at my church at Shibuya. My roommate hadn’t decided whether she wanted to go to Shibuya or not when I set out to my church, so I asked her to contact me later. At almost 1 pm, I contacted her again to ask about going to Shibuya. But she was cleaning our room, so maybe she didn’t notice that I sent her a message. In the end, there were only two people going to NHK.

We walked from Shibuya Station to the NHK Studio Park. We were lucky on that day, because usually the entrance fee was 200 yen, but on January 1st – 3 rd the NHK Studio Park was open for free. When we got into the studio park, the first thing that welcomed us was “the welcome studio”. There was a camera shooting every visitor and then the we could see our face on a big screen inside the studio. We had a tour inside the NHK studio park and I took a picture with ななみちゃん, a NHK character which has body length 77.7 cm, weight 7.77 kg and can stand on its tail for 77.7 seconds.



After visiting the NHK Studio Park, we went to Omote Sando, and then walked back to Shibuya via Cat Street. At Shibuya we went to 大戸屋 to have some dinner. My roommate then called me saying that she also wanted to go to Shibuya. So in the end the four of us met again for two days in a row.

The next day, we went to Akasaka to play ice skating. There were 6 people this time. We went to Akasaka Sacas on Monday because there was a discount for ice skating on weekdays. After arriving there, we saw that the ice skating ring was quite small and very crowded, so it was finally decided that we would not play ice skating and go to Tokyo Dome instead. We didn’t do many things at Tokyo Dome either, just looking around and wandering at Tokyo Dome City. We went to a jump shop, batting center, and then to the game center to take some purikura photo. The photo was really awful because the purikura machine made our eyes bigger automatically, and our faces looked so strange, especially for the boys. Still, I like the purikura photo at Odaiba the best because it was more natural.

Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome

Then we had some dinner at Jonathan’s Restauran, which was so expensive. 😦 After having dinner at Jonathan’s Restaurant, we went to have some karaoke at Shibuya. Because it was weekday, the price was 800 yen per person from 11 pm to 5 am.We sang a lot of songs from some difficult-to-sing songs to some funny songs, which burned our calory from 0,9 kcal to 11,* kcal per song. We went home from the karaoke after 5 am by taking the 5.23 train from Shibuya. I was really tired, but I couldn’t sleep in the train. I slept after arriving at the dormitory.

Maybe you are wondering what do the numbers on the title mean in this post. I’m just telling about my hanging out in this post. Well, actually it is the amount of money I spent. I spent 5903 yen for hanging out in 3 days. :p

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9 Responses to 5903 in 3

  1. lumierre9 says:

    gw lebi banyak abisnya T___T
    tp kalo jadi ke disney bisa tembus 1man tuh…hehehe…

  2. anyway tapi jadi seneng kan liburannya

  3. lumierre9 says:

    iya nih kayanya, gara2 main bishibashi…wakakakaka…
    btw, kalo ga seneng duitnya kasih ke gw aja…gw seneng duit kok 😀

    • Risiana says:

      mata duitan…duitnya mau dipake buat main bishibashi lg?
      anak ysep kan miskin,kok masih diminta sih duitnya.tinggalnya aja di lembah Gunung Fuji-gaoka,bukan di atas Tokyo Bay 😀

      • lumierre9 says:

        iya dong…biar bisa tamat tuh bishibashinya…hahaha…
        bukan mata duitan, tp butuh duit…kalo orang laen ga butuh ya diterima dengan senang hati, kan katanya ga seneng duit 😛

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