I Found A “Great” Thing on My Lab Desk

Yesterday, January 6th 2009, I finally went back to my lab again after being absent for a long time. When I got into my room, it was empty. Nobody from my lab was inside, there were only people from the neighbouring lab. But there was one thing welcoming me on my desk, a paper in Japanese with the title “グリッド。コンピュータを用いトラス橋の構造設計の試み”, which was a paper for designing steel truss bridge with grid computer in Japanese.

Waw, another Japanese paper again. What a great welcome. This meant that I had to translate the paper first before trying to understand it. It took a really long time to translate a Japanese paper. It took two or three weeks for me to translate the first Japanese paper given to me. And now I have to translate a second one.

So I just opened the online Japanese dictionary, online translator, dictionary of Japanese bridge terms to translate this paper, any tools that could be used to help me understand this paper. Luckily I was then lent a 電子辞書 so that I could translate this paper quickly. I hope I can work faster this time and not waste my time too much in translating it.

While I was translating the paper my lab member came and asked me what I was doing. I told him about that paper, and he said that it was difficult even for Japanese. T_T

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13 Responses to I Found A “Great” Thing on My Lab Desk

  1. chemieingenieur says:

    online Japanese dictionary kamu pake apa Risi?

  2. chemieingenieur says:

    Oh, sekedar tambahan…kalo aku jg pake http://www.alc.co.jp
    Kamus English-Japanese, Japanese-English..
    Lumayan lengkap kalo menurutku istilah teknik nya 🙂
    Kalo bisa link itu kasih tau ke temen2 yang laen juga ya…. Biar pada semangat belajar nihongo 🙂

  3. fakhria says:

    Buseett.. bisa gila kalo aku, hehe, udah paper ilmiah, japanese lagi!

    ganbaree risii

  4. rvdirza says:

    aku milih bunuh diri kalau dapat gituan na wkwkwk…
    hebat.. hebat.. salut dah..
    babat terus bu’.. 😀

  5. turut mengucapkan duka cita deh, koq bisa2nya dapat tugas translate paper he he

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