Forgotten Post – Ice Skating

Usually I would post something in my blog when I found some interesting things to write. But, this time, I really forgot to write about playing ice skating. Maybe because I was thinking so much about my homeworks which I didn’t know how to do and didn’t know whom to ask. I just remembered that I hadn’t written this post when my roommate was writing for her blog and she asked me about the playing-ice-skating-event. So I quickly write it down now before I forget about it again.

On January 8th, 2010, my friends and I had a conference chat about where to go on the next day (Saturday). Actually I had already chatted with my friend about where to go when I was asked “Besok mau jalan2 ke mana?” in the afternoon. We had already discussed about several alternatives for places to go, but we didn’t know which one would be the best where everybody wanted to go, so we held a conference chat at night. It was a really time wasting and full of gossip conference chat after all. We had repeated so many times “Besok mau jalan2 ke mana?” and the conversation didn’t give any result about where to go but only gossip. So in the end of the conversation it was decided that we would go to play ice skating and whoever wanted to join it may come and gather at Ookayama station.

We played ice skating at a far away place. It was 江戸川区スポーツランド, located at Edogawa-ku (江戸川区). There were 8 people going to play ice skating: all Indonesia YSEP students except Ipul + Nick, a China YSEP student and mas Andy. Ipul eventually came when it was nearly 5 o’clock, but it was almost closing time, so he didn’t play at all. We accidentally met Nick on our way to Fujigaoka Station. He actually intended to go to the lab to put some of his things and then go to Shibuya and Shinjuku to do some shopping. But in the end, after our invitation he finally went to play ice skating with us.

To lower our transportation cost, we used multiple trip tickets for Ookayama-Nakanobu trip. After that, we changed to Toei Subway Line by using the Toei One Day Economy Pass for 700 yen. After arriving at Shinozaki Station (篠崎駅), we took a bus from the station to the Sports Land. It costed us 210 yen for the bus.

At the Sports Land, we bought our tickets by using a ticket vending machine. It costed us 800 yen for playing the ice skating and renting the shoes (set). We went to the locker room to change our shoes into skating shoes. It was really difficult to walk by using the skating shoes. My feet really hurted a lot. It was my first time to play ice skating, so I was not used to it. The ice skating rink was 60m x 30m, a big rink compared to other temporary ice skating rinks. This is the homepage of the Sports Land if you would like to visit it someday.

I went into the skating rink with Dita before the others went in. I felt very slippery when I first entered the ice skating rink. So I held onto the side wall to prevent falling down on the ice. Anyway, we had quite a lot of fun playing ice skating.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating

Many of us played ice skating for the first time. But some could learn quickly while the others maybe need longer time to manage to skate at the center of the rink. Nick was also the first time player, and he was the one who had most difficulties to stand and walk on his skating shoes. After playing for quite a long time, I asked his opinion about playing ice skating (in Chinese). He said that it was fun and interesting, maybe he would like to find some ice skating rinks which are nearer to campus/dorm to play again. His statement which surprised me a lot was: “I finally understand why in many dramas people fall in love or get into a relationship in an ice skating rink. When  a person (usually girl) almost fall down, then a boy can get a chance to help her and there… something happens between them,maybe…” –>translated into English by my own translation 😀 . Hmmm… good lesson. I was just surprised, how come could he get a conclusion like that. I didn’t even think about it before. But maybe he was right, so that’s why some dramas use the ice skating rink for its love story.

The ice skating rink was only open for public until 5 pm. After that it was used for ice skating classes. So we went out from the Sports Land and headed to Tokyo Tower. Nick went back to the campus but Ipul joined us, so there were still 8 people going to Tokyo Tower. It was my second time to go to Tokyo Tower. The first time I went to Tokyo Tower was with my roommate Dita when we were illumination-hunting. We took some interesting photos of 7 Indonesia YSEP students together with Tokyo Tower. Thank you very much to the photographer who had taken our picture. 🙂

YSEP and Tokyo Tower

YSEP and Tokyo Tower

Because we bought the Toei Subway One Day Ticket, we thought that we should use it to go to many places on that day by using Toei Subway lines before it expired. Fafa and Ipul went back home, while the others went to Shinjuku. We were just wandering at Shinjuku, then we went to take a purikura photo at a game center in Shinjuku. It was my fourth time to take purikura photos. Out of all purikura photos, I still like the ones at Odaiba the best. This purikura also made people’s eyes look bigger, which is what I hate the most from Japan’s purikura.



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6 Responses to Forgotten Post – Ice Skating

  1. lumierre9 says:

    ayo ice skating lagi 😀
    purikuranya geuleuh banget tuh…
    tp risvan jadi cantik…hahaha…

  2. Augystiana Dita says:

    ris, itu skating “rink”, bukan “ring”

    aku akan menyusulmu dengan banyak “forgotten post” (ato “delayed post” yang lebih cocok?)!!! Tapi baru mulai nulisnya besok pagi, heheh… sambil contek2 dikit yah sequence-nya, gomeeen 😀

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