Forgotten Post – Shinbashi Illumination

The next day after playing ice skating was Sunday (January 10th, 2010). So I went to the church on that day as usual. But this time I didn’t go to my usual church at TBC, I visited Jesus Lifehouse, a church which my friend usually visits, which was located near Tameike-Sanno Station (溜池山王駅). It was my first time to go to that church, and it had completely different style from TBC. Both churches had their own interesting things in their own ways.

After that, we went to Free Cafe near the church. It was really free cafe, it served a small plate of free senbei (煎餅) and a glass of drinks. Actually it was not really served for us, but the customers could get into the line to take the senbei and drinks for themselves. One customer was limited to one plate of senbei and drinks. There were many kinds of senbei, but the most delicious one was put at the last container on the serving table. There was also a kind of senbei with curry taste.

There was a small temple near the Free Cafe. It was a really small temple among other tall buildings. It was quite crowded, so we went to the temple to see what was happening. There were people distributing snacks for the visitors. We got some snacks too. Then we walked to the Toranomon Station (虎ノ門駅) to see where to go. There was Shinbashi Station (新橋駅) near Toranomon Station. And we remembered that there was illumination at Shinbashi. Because Shinbashi was quite near, so we walked to Shinbashi instead of taking train.

After arriving at Shinbashi, there were many people standing in a line to get into the Alice in the Wonderland World Exhibition. They still had to wait for 220 minutes at that time. We would rather walk to other places than stand in the line too. At 5 pm, the illumination started. It was an illumination for Caretta Shiodome 7th anniversary. The theme for the illumination was Blue Ocean. There was a “tree” which would change colors if we touched the ball inside the tree. People may stand under the “tree” and then a staff would take a picture for them.

At 5.30 pm there was a special program show. The light would dance and change according to the music of violin. I took some video of the illumination. It was really very cold to hold a camera to take a video of the illumination. It was a 15-minute-show, but my camera could only take 10-minute-video.

After watching the illumination, we were quite hungry, so we walked to roads near the Shinbashi Station to find something to eat. Usually there are menus of a restaurant put in front of the restaurant so that the customers could easily find out what they are selling. We walked and finally saw the menu of 天狗, which was quite cheap, like fried rice for 380 yen. So we thought that the restaurant sold quite cheap food and got into it. After we went inside, we just realized that it was 居酒屋, a place for drinking beer. I don’t like to drink beer, so at that time I really wanted to go out and moved to another restaurant. But the waiters had already given us some hand towels, so we felt uneasy to go out of the 居酒屋 without ordering anything.

I finally ordered a crab fried rice which was small in its portion, approximately the same as my usual portion, but it meaned that it was smaller that usual restaurant food portion. I also ordered orange juice for drink. After finally finished eating there, we went to Shinbashi Station to go back home. I took Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and changed to Tokyu Den-en Toshi Line.

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