Skipping Class Because of 人身事故

Today I’ve got another not so good experience again with trains in Japan. This time it is related to the accident (人身事故) at the train line. At 10.40 there was a 人身事故 at Den-en Toshi Line at Tsukimino Station (つきみ野駅).

At that time I was already at Kajigaya Station (梶ヶ谷駅) on my way to go to the campus for my class. Because of the accident, all the trains at Den-en Toshi Line stopped and waited for preparation of substitute trains from Nagatsuta to Shibuya direction. (I guess so, because I couldn’t really understand what the station and train staff were talking about). It was only one more station until Mizonokuchi Station to change to Oimachi Line. But what could I do, the train stopped at Kajigaya and I didn’t know how long it would take for them to take care of the impact of the accident. I was thinking about walking from Kajigaya to Mizonokuchi, but I didn’t know the route if I walked from Kajigaya to Mizonokuchi and I didn’t know whether it would be faster or not. So I could only wait in the train.

After hearing the announcement about the accident, people’s faces became so sad and angry. There were many people making phone call and I could hear すみません here and there from people apologizing because they would be late from their appointment. I myself was also late for my class. I arrived at the campus at almost 1 hour after the class started. So I didn’t go into the class today.

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3 Responses to Skipping Class Because of 人身事故

  1. dita says:

    tadi kayaknya klo sesuai perhitungan, lo harusnya nyampe kampus 30 menit lebih cepet ya?

  2. meongijo says:

    aku tadi pergi jam 1/2 2 dan masih ada tulisan merah2 di announcement boardnya.. sigh

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