I Heard “寒い…”About 10 Times in A Day

I read a blog post saying that Japanese liked to talk about weather especially when they had nothing to say. From my experience for staying in Japan for about half year now, and also from so many Japan animations and dramas that I have watched, I think it’s true that Japanese really like to talk about weather. When I talk to some Japanese, like my dormitory keeper, or my lab members, or my host family, they sometimes talked about weather with me. Because it’s still winter, they would say “寒いですね” and asked me whether I feel cold too or not. Sometimes I also heard some conversation between Japanese talking about weather.

This is very different from Indonesian, Indonesian don’t really talk about weather that much. Maybe it’s because Indonesia is a tropical country, so the change of weather throughout a year is not as significant as in Japan.

However, one interesting thing that found out was during the BRICOM Japan (bridge competition, read my post about it here). The temperature on that day was not very low, it was maybe 9°C. But the wind was quite strong, and on that day I had to stand on grass field for 4 hours because the bridge competition was held outdoor. Although the temperature was not very cold, but my lab members said that it was very cold. He said “寒い” so many times. My body didn’t feel that cold, but my hands and feet really felt very cold, especially my feet for standing on the cold ground for hours.

On that day, I heard many people said “寒い”. Until the competition ended, I had heard Japanese saying “寒い” to me maybe about ten times, with one person saying that more than once.


*実は、今日はあまり寒くないです 😀

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3 Responses to I Heard “寒い…”About 10 Times in A Day

  1. lumierre9 says:

    nanti kalo summer pada bilangnya “暑い~!!”

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