Burnt Carrot In Steamer

In the end of January, I made croquettes again after making croquettes for my host family’s Christmas dinner last time. The recipe was almost the same as before, I just changed the type of meat used in the croquettes.

One of the ingredients I used for the filling was carrot. I steamed the carrot first so that it would soften and it would be easier for me to stir-fry the filling. I bought a microwave steamer, so I usually steam everything needed to be steamed in the microwave. It’s much easier and faster. I also steamed the carrot in the microwave.

Carrot in Microwave Steamer

Carrot in Microwave Steamer

First, I cut the carrot into small pieces and then put them in the steamer and put the steamer in the microwave. Then I set the power and time needed for steaming the carrot pieces. But after the steaming process finished, I found out that there were some carrot pieces which were burnt in the steamer. It was my first time to see something got burnt and black in the steamer. Anyway, I took the burnt carrot pieces out and didn’t use them, so anybody who had eaten my croquettes, don’t be afraid, you did not eat burnt carrots. 😀

Burnt Carrot :D

Burnt Carrot 😀

There was one more stupid thing I did with the microwave. I forgot to take the meat out from the freezer, so when I wanted to make the croquettes, the meat was still frozen. I put the meat in the microwave to thaw it. At first, I set the microwave power and time to thaw the meat, but it gave not much effect to the meat. So I used another microwave mode to thaw the meat. But as a result, the meat was not only thawed in the microwave, but some part of the meat also got cooked in the microwave. But I didn’t want to waste the meat, so I just used the cooked meat and then stir-fried it.

I made croquettes from quite many potatoes. There were about 12 small potatoes that I used. I didn’t have any special kitchen tool for smashing the potatoes, so I just used the rice spoon to smash the potatoes. Smashing the potatoes manually with improper tool was really tiring. I had to mix the potatoes with salt, pepper, milk powder, and also a little bit egg. I had to add salt several times because I still didn’t know how much salt I should use. In the end, my arms got so tired that I didn’t add in anymore salt although it was still not salty enough. Sorry for those who had eaten my not-salty-enough-croquettes. 😀

My Croquettes

My Croquettes

I’ll try to make better croquettes next time.

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One Response to Burnt Carrot In Steamer

  1. Rika L says:

    She, xiao gu blg kroket mu koq 3 yg di sblh kiri langsing, tp yg plg kanan sendiri koq gendut? 😀

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