“Refugee” For 11 Hours

Have you ever been locked out of your room and you could not get in at all, and you could not contact anybody to open the door of your room for you? I had just had that kind of experience yesterday.

Yesterday, at about 1 pm, my friend, Chandra, sent me a message via yahoo messenger to help him with the heater in his room. It was cold yesterday, and he wanted to turn on the heater in his room. Since the buttons of the heater remote had writings all in kanji and he could not read kanji, so he asked me to help him. I thought that I wouldn’t be in his room for long, so I just wore my slippers and walked to his room without bringing my cell phone and my room key. My roommate was still in the dorm, so I thought that I could get in without having to bring any key.

After I got into Chandra’s room, I could finally turn on the heater. Then we had long conversation about many things for hours. He also got some package from his family, sending him books, presents, and also Chinese New Year cookies. So we talked a lot while eating those delicious cookies. Actually I hadn’t had my lunch, but because I had eaten some bread at 11 am, I didn’t feel hungry at all. At 5 pm, I said that I wanted to go back to my room to have my lunch. I tried to open the door, but it was locked, I knocked the door, but no one opened it. I was locked outside of my own room yesterday!

So I went back to Chandra’s room again. Luckily he bought a lot of bentos the day before. So I ate one of his bento (it was gyudon bento). Then I said to Chandra, “Is Laras also at the dorm? It will be merrier if she is also here.” So Chandra made a phone call to Laras’s room and asked her to come to his room. Then, there were three of us in Chandra’s room. First we had some conversations about biology, and then we watched some amusing funny video in Youtube. Finally we watched videos of a Japanese television show about “Hard Gay”. The HG liked to make some erotic movements, but it was funny anyway. He helped people who were in trouble like helping an old woman cross the street, cleaned the park after people had sakura-watching (花見), helped children to conquer their dislike of certain kind of food, hunted for treasure in a forest at the foot of Mount Fuji, forced a toy company to make a toy with his own style, and helped a 19 year-old boy confess to a girl that he liked who ended saying (hover to the picture) as the first sentence he said to the girl.

We laughed a lot watching those videos. We also ate a lot of snacks while watching those videos. At 10 pm I could finally contact my roommate and asked where she was. She was still in the lab, and she would not go back home soon. And it needed 1 hour to get from the campus to the dorm. So I still had to wait for a long time. My roommate finally came back at 12.10 am. So I finally could get back to my room after being a refugee for 11 hours.

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4 Responses to “Refugee” For 11 Hours

  1. lumierre9 says:

    untungnya dita masih pulang…hahaha…

  2. fafa says:

    at that time, I was chat with Dita

    F: Dit, are you at dorm?
    D: No, what’s up?
    F : I’m just looking for Laras, I wonder where she is, I thought she is in your room
    D : Ahahahaha! me too, Im looking for risi, but I don’t know where she is
    F : hehe

    then Laras finally go home and told me what was happened, haha

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