My 横浜-東京-横浜-東京-横浜 Chinese New Year

This year I was celebrating Chinese New Year in Japan. I was at two cities on that day, crossing from Yokohama to Tokyo for several times. They were the fourth and fifth city where I celebrated Chinese New Year. The first city was of course Pematangsiantar, my hometown. The second city was Bandung where I studied in university. The third city was Palembang where my aunt lived and I went there on Chinese New Year last year.

This year, the Chinese new year was on February 14th. It was Sunday, so on that day I went to the church too. I am living at Yokohama area, while my church is in Shibuya, so I went to Shibuya from Yokohama to attend the 11 am worship first. The worship finished at 12.30, I walked to the Shibuya Station and took a 1 pm train to Yokohama. I bought Minatomirai ticket at Shibuya Station (840 yen) so that I could play at Yokohama Minatomirai and then go to China Town in Yokohama.

I crossed from Tokyo to Yokohama this time. I was the first person to arrive at Minatomirai Station (みなとみらい駅), so I waited for my friends until 2 pm. Then we went to many places at Minato Mirai, and took many pictures there. Because it was also Valentine day, there so many couples in Minatomirai. Not only young couples but also old couples went to Minatomirai to have their Valentine date (in Japanese it’s calledデート).

Red Brick Warehouse

Red Brick Warehouse

Minato Mirai from Osanbashi Passenger Terminal

Minato Mirai from Osanbashi Passenger Terminal

At about almost 5 pm, we went to Motomachi Chukagai Station (元町-中華街駅). In the China Town, we could see barongsai from several performing groups perform from 4 pm to 8 pm in many shops at China Town. I recorded a video of the performance, but it was not very clear anyway because I could not get the front line.

Ma Zu Temple

Ma Zu Temple

China Town 80

China Town 80

After walking in China Town, we walked to Motomachi where there were many elite shops. We also took a lot of pictures there.

Tickling a figure in front of a shopThen we waited for one of our friend to come and join us, and we went to a Chinese food restaurant to have dinner. I ordered set menu, there were a bowl of rice, a plate of 酢豚, pickles, corn soup, and dessert. The price was 800 yen, but I was happy anyway because I could eat Chinese food which I had longed for years after going to university, and also I was very full. It was even difficult for me to walk right after eating the set menu. 😀

Then we went back to our own home/dorm. Because we had Minatomirai ticket, we went to Jiyugaoka Station (自由が丘駅) to then continue on our way back home according to the lines in our 定期券. After arriving at Jiyugaoka Station, my friends could get out of the ticket gate and then get in again by using 定期券 because they bought their Minatomirai ticket at Jiyugaoka. I could not pass the ticket gate because my Minatomirai ticket was bought at Shibuya, which was in different price. I tried to ask the station staff, but I did not really know how to ask him about that in Japanese. Then he said that I had to go out at Shibuya, not at Jiyugaoka. So I went back to Shibuya (Tokyo) again and then to Fujigaoka (Yokohama). I crossed Yokohama-Tokyo for so many times that day.

In this Chinese New Year, I did not only go to China Town. I also made some Chinese New Year cookies, kastengel which were made with my roommate and chocolate cornflakes.

Making Kastengel

Making Kastengel

Chocolate cornflakes

Chocolate cornflakes

I put many gif pictures of panda in this post, as what we could find in China Town, there were many shops with panda as their theme. And I like panda 🙂

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8 Responses to My 横浜-東京-横浜-東京-横浜 Chinese New Year

  1. lumierre9 says:

    “The price was 800 yen, but I was happy anyway because I could eat Chinese food which I had longed for years after going to university, and also I was very full. It was even difficult for me to walk right after eating the set menu.”
    emg di bdg ga perna mkn chinese food??
    keknya buat gw krg full deh 😛

  2. willy says:

    wah wah wah… seru.. jadi pengen beasiswa ke jepang…. eh tulisan jepangnya dibikin artinya juga dong.. (ga ngerti.. jadi bacanya tersendat…) hehe…. serunya study tour ini.. (like this…)

    • Risiana says:

      tulisan jepangnya itu kebanyakan nama tempat sih
      kyk 東京=Tokyo, 横浜=Yokohama atau nama-nama stasiun
      paling ada 定期券(teikiken)=semacam tiket langganan utk naik kereta dari suatu stasiun ke stasiun lain yang uda ditentuin jalurnya waktu beli teikiken itu.hehe

  3. dodol says:

    oik kok ada 2 gambar nyasar di kumpulan panda? XD 1 tiger ma 1 bear 😛 hehe,,,
    sama,, tapi w sacapme jg makan chinese food (shabu2 ala tenglang bikinan anak2 kosan yg ga pulkam, ada hioko, cichai, pekchai, dll), n imleknya makan chinese food masakan org sunda, tapi rasanya rasa chinese, wehehe,,, 😛
    bagiiii kastangelnya ^^ :P~ slurp* slurp*

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  5. Rika L says:

    btw, corn flakes mu makan gt y? ga dibikin kecil2?
    w jg mw bikin

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