Chopped Avocado With Milk Chocolate Powder

Several weeks ago when I went to buy groceries, I saw avocados and felt that I wanted to buy them. I had not eaten any avocados after arriving at Japan. I really liked and used to eat a lot of avocados in Indonesia. So at that time I felt an urge to eat avocado again.

There were no soft and ripe avocados in the store at that time, so I just took two avocados which were still hard. I also bought milk chocolate powder. After going back to the dormitory, I opened one of the avocados and wanted to eat it like how I used to eat it in Indonesia, mashing it and then adding sugar and chocolate powder into it.

The avocado was still hard and was difficult to be mashed. But I could not store it back and wait for it to ripen. So I just use a knife and chopped it into small pieces.


The taste of the avocado was not as good as ripe avocado, of course. But at least I had eaten some avocado. 😀

I’ll wait for the second avocado to ripen and then eat it!

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7 Responses to Chopped Avocado With Milk Chocolate Powder

  1. willy says:

    ih.. senengnya.. so glad like the panda?? haha..

  2. dodol says:

    ahaha, ga bisa ngebayangin gayamu yg lagi men”cincang” apokat dgn agresif :)) 😛 hihi ^^

  3. Augystiana Dita says:

    alpukat lo yg diatas microwave kapan matengnya? 😛

  4. Rika L says:

    “second avocado to ripe” (grammar check) 😀

    psti mahal dsana, kan tu buah tropis

    btw, chopping board mu bgs y, kepiting….

    tp emg enak y berlekuk2 gt?

    sbr ya nunggu mpe matang

    btw, apel dsana fresh n murah y?
    i want apple…

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