Bring Student ID Card at Night!

Today, for the second time, I got locked out again. This time I was locked outside my lab. I didn’t know that the door system of my lab had been changed, a door system which needed student id card to open after 8 pm, so I went out of my lab without bringing my wallet which had my student id card in it. I thought that I was just going out for a while, and I would be back soon, and I didn’t need to use any money, so I just left my wallet in my bag and left them in my lab. I only brought my cell phone and 定期券 with me.

After coming back to my lab, I tried to open the door, but it was locked. I thought maybe I could get in through another door which used password to open. I just realized that this door had also been changed, there were no more buttons for the password, and there was just an IC card reader instead.

Door with IC reader

Door with IC reader

IC reader

IC reader

I only knew my tutor’s phone number, but he didn’t come to the lab today (I guessed so, because I didn’t see him in the lab at all today).

I could  do nothing but phoned my friend to ask for help. Luckily he was still in the campus and was on his way home, so he came to Midorigaoka Station and then walked to my lab. I was quite worried his id card could not be used, because he was from a different lab from me, and his lab was not in the same building as mine. Fortunately, when he touched his student id card, it worked! The door could be opened! Ahhh…thank you very much for helping me.

But shortly after the door was opened and my friend left, one of my lab members got down the stairs and wanted to go out…

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2 Responses to Bring Student ID Card at Night!

  1. Achmad says:

    hehe,, sebenernya ada beberapa cara masuk tanpa ID…
    1. Nunggu orang keluar,
    2. buka paksa pake tangan juga bisa loh.. dorong kesamping aja pintu utamanya yang dari kaca itu loh.
    3. cara ini diajarin aline, pake kertas, selipin ke celah antara pintu dan kibar-kibarin dibawah sensor gerak si pintu :p

    hehe.. just for info aja loh..

    oh iya, tepat di depan pintu bagian dalem ada kamera pengawasnya juga sih,, jadi trik diatas dipake kalo darurat aja :p

  2. meongijo says:

    gilaaaaa aline….

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