Tokyo Disney Sea

On March 2nd, I went to Tokyo Disney Sea with my friends. Tokyo Disney Sea is a part of Tokyo Disney Resort. Because it was spring holiday for students, there was discount of its entrance ticket for students called “Campus Day Passport”. The normal one day passport is 5800 yen, but the campus day passport cost us 4500 yen. It could be bought in the convenient stores or in the school co-op.

Tokyo Disney Sea Campus Day Passport

Tokyo Disney Sea Campus Day Passport

To get to the Tokyo Disney Resort, one of the easiest way is taking the train. The nearest station to the Tokyo Disney Resort is JR Maihama Station. There are two ways to get around the Tokyo Disney Resort: by using Disney Resort Line and Disney Resort Cruiser (or else, on foot :D).

There are many attractions, shops, and restaurants in the Tokyo Disney Sea. You can get the information about the attractions, shops, and restaurants in its website. The most attractive and recommended attractions are usually full of people, so there is a special pass called “fast pass” provided to shorten the waiting time. In order to get the fast pass, we only need to insert our ticket into the fast pass ticket machine in front of the attraction, and then we will be given the fast pass ticket. But there is some time limit for the availability and validity of the fast pass. We cannot take another fast pass after taking one fast pass before the time written on the fast pass ticket. The attractions which have fast pass provided for their lines are: “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, “Tower of Terror”, “The Magic Lamp Theater”, “Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull”, “Storm Rider”, “Mermaid Lagoon Theater” and “Raging Spirit”.

Fast Pass

Fast Pass

I got on most of the attractions which had fast pass, except the Indiana Jones because it was closed at that time. I also got on some other attractions which had no fast pass like “Big City Vehicles”, Disney Sea Electric Railway”, “Aquatopia”, etc. The attraction I liked the most was “Journey to The Center of the Earth”. We rode on a small “vehicle” and then glided down the track, but it was not scary at all. 😀 Another interesting attraction was “Tower of Terror”. We sat on a chair in a closed and dark room (it was said to be a cursed lift) and then suddenly it fell down (free fall). The interesting thing was they took a picture of the people inside that lift right when the lift fell down, so the expression of everybody in the lift at the moment of free fall was captured. The photograph could be bought at the photo booth after going out of the attraction.

There were also some live performances which were shown at certain time in the resort. These are some of them:

The Legend of Mythica


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