Korea Trip: Preparation and Day 1

Right after going to Disney Sea, the next day, March 3rd 2010, my friends and I went to South Korea. Before going to South Korea, there were some important things which should be prepared, like applying for visa for entering South Korea, applying for reentry permit (since I’m a foreigner in Japan), buying the airplane tickets, looking for the accommodation, etc. There are several South Korea consulates and an embassy in Japan. If you want to apply for visa, you should go to the consulate in the area where you are living. Here is a list of South Korea embassy and consulates in Japan: South Korea embassy and consulates. Several days were needed to process the visa, maybe three days or so, I forgot. 😀 The visa application cost 3000 yen for single visa.

For foreigners, we should also apply for reentry permit to Japan. Application for reentry permit should be done at the immigration office in the area where we were living. I was living in Yokohama, so I went to the immigration office in Yokohama. The reentry permit also cost 3000 yen, but procedure could be finished at the same day of application. The reentry permit should be obtained first before applying for the visa, otherwise, the visa application would be rejected.

So, after finishing all the preparations needed for the trip, we flew to South Korea on the designated date, March 3rd. Going to Narita International Airport was not difficult. There were some railway lines which could be used to go to Narita International Airport. The cheapest one should be Keisei Line. But it took much time to reach Narita International Airport with Keisei Line. The faster line which could be used was Narita Express Line. It was much faster to go by using this railway line, but the price was also more expensive. It was about twice the price of using Keisei Line.

Narita Airport Station

Narita Airport Station

The flight from Japan to South Korea didn’t take much time, it took about 2 hours by airplane. We arrived at Incheon International Airport at 11 pm, so we stayed overnight in the airport on that day. The facilities in the Incheon International Airport were quite good for staying overnight, besides the bench. It was spacious, had restaurants and shops, and had toilets and water tap, but the benches I could find were so hard that they would not be the best places for sleeping.

But anyway, in the morning we started to walk around in Seoul. There was a train line heading to and from the airport, so it was easy for travelers like us to go from the airport to Seoul. It was called AREX. It connected Incheon International Airport and Gimpo Airport. From Gimpo Airport, we changed to other railway lines to go to our destination.

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