Yokohama Parade 2010

In the golden week, I didn’t go travelling to far  places, so I just went to some events or do some activities in Tokyo. On May 3rd 2010, I went to Yokohama to watch the Yokohama Parade. It was a parade organized to celebrate the opening of Yokohama port. This parade had been organized annually and this year was the 58th parade. This is the official website of the Yokohama parade.

The route of the parade was around Yokohama port area, starting from Yamashita Park (山下公園). We watched the parade at around Red Brick House area, or to be exact, we were standing in front of the tax office. There were 40 groups participating in this parade, some of them were schools, companies, army, firemen, organizations, etc. This is a video of the Yokohama parade (not all groups are included in it).

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