Korea Trip Day 2: Lotteworld, Myeong Dong

On the second day of our Korea trip, March 5th, we started our trip from the airport. Because we stayed overnight in the airport, we went to Seoul on the second day morning. Before using the subway, we bought the T-money called U-pass. There were many different kinds of U-pass, some of them could be used as cell phone accessories, some of them are in the form of cards.

U-Pass card

U-Pass card

First, we went to the Ewha Women University to put our luggage in our friend’s dorm. Then we went to Lotteworld to play there. Lotteworld was an amusement park in Seoul with many kinds of attractions. The normal price for 1 person was 35,000 Won. But maybe because the ticket seller saw that we were 4 people with 2 males and 2 females, she offered couple tickets for us. It was cheaper, 45,000 Won for 2 persons, so we just accepted it anyway.

Lotte World ticket

Lotte World ticket

The first ride that we took was Atlantis in the Magic Island. It was quite enjoyable. There were also several other rides that we took, like Metro Madness, Ghost House, Gyro Drop, etc. I didn’t take as many rides as my friends, because I could not ride on the attractions which swung and spun a lot.

After playing the outdoor rides, we went inside to play the indoor rides. We finished playing at about 4 pm, and then we went to meet our friend and she brought us to Myeong Dong. Myeong Dong is one of the shopping districts in Seoul. There were many shops there, and also many people selling things on the road. We bought some snacks which consisted of potatoes, fried chickens, and so on. Then we also bought ice cream, long cone ice cream which took so much time for us to eat it all. I bought the mango-vanilla flavored ice cream. We walked around in Myeong Dong and some places near it and finally went back to the hostel.

Myeong Dong

Myeong Dong

Tall ice cream in Myeong Dong

Tall ice cream in Myeong Dong

We were staying in Guys and Dolls Guest House. The guest house was not very big, but it was quite comfortable to stay there, it was clean and the price was quite cheap.

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One Response to Korea Trip Day 2: Lotteworld, Myeong Dong

  1. silenceraloner says:

    Wuihh..,Risi udah di jepang aja nih..
    Aku nitip salam buat Erika sawajiri, namie amuro sama anak2 SNSD di Korea yak!!^^

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