Miraikan (未来館)

After coming back from Seoul, before continuing another travelling, I went to Miraikan (未来館) with my friend. 😀 Just some refreshing and playing in Tokyo before setting out for some tiring travel again. Miraikan is a museum of science and innovation located in Odaiba. It consists of 7 floors, with some special exhibitions and dome theater. The symbol exhibit of Miraikan is Geo-Cosmos, a large globe floating in a six-story open zone.



One of the interesting things of Miraikan is the dome theater. In order to watch the show in the dome theater, we had to take the ticket first at the ticket machine. No additional fee was needed, we just needed to scan our museum admission ticket and then choose the show we wanted to watch. But the tickets were quickly “sold out”, so if you want to watch the show in the dome theater, you had better go there early. We watched the “Tender is The Night” at the dome theater. The theater was good, it was really a dome and the seat could be lowered to the position as if we were sleeping on the seat. But the theme of the show that I watched was boring that I really fell asleep at that time. In the show, the song even said “oyasumi” several times that made me even sleepier. 😀

There were several permanent exhibitions in Miraikan which were very interesting. There were also several games that we could try. In the Life science exhibition, there was a palm DNA scanner. I only needed to put my palm on the scanner and the scanner would scan automatically like this:

Another interesting thing in Miraikan is Asimo. Asimo was only exhibited at certain times for 10 minutes. Asimo is a humanoid robot which can move freely with movements almost like human’s movements.

There were other interesting things in Miraikan that I could not really remember and write down one by one. But it was a lot of fun to visit Miraikan. We spent quite some time to visit and see all the exhibitions there.

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6 Responses to Miraikan (未来館)

  1. willysiahaan says:

    miraikan yah…. was there anything special from the giant globe??

  2. Andre Puja Oktora says:

    wow.. awesome!!!

  3. rika says:

    hari2 panda…makin hari muka lu makin mirip panda 😀

    Panda Galak :p

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