Two Years Just Passed By

August 12th 2012. Two years ago at exactly this date I boarded a plane from Japan to Indonesia. Time really flies. Sometimes I still can’t believe it has been two years since I came back from Japan. Two years ago at this time of night I was sleeping in the cold of the night in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport alone. Today I just met with some of my friends who were together with me in Japan. Some memories just flashed back in my head. We went to Central Park in Jakarta today. Looking at the park, although it’s not exactly the same, it somehow reminded me of parks with illuminations in winter in Tokyo. And I started to look at the pictures I had in Japan. They were really some unforgettable and irreplaceable memories. I guess the memories of Japan really had some special place in my heart, my brain, and my harddisk.

Boarding Pass Tokyo - Kuala Lumpur

Boarding Pass Tokyo – Kuala Lumpur

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One Response to Two Years Just Passed By

  1. roomate says:

    where did i keep my boarding passes ya? i should’ve boxed every itsy bitsy stuff from the trips in japan together and call it “the japan adventure” box 😀

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