Some Amazing People

I think today is quite a meaningful day for me. I was shown some real life simple but amazing people today. Today there was a man who came alone and sat beside me at church. I don’t know how to describe it, but this man somehow seemed a little bit “different” from normal people. What interested me, though, was when the pastor asked us to shake hands with people around us, he gave out a smile. Usually people just shake hands with people they know, then shake hands with strangers who just happen to sit around them, while giving a “because the pastor asked us to so I’ll do it”-smile. But this man gave a somehow different smile when I shook his hand. His smile seemed much more sincere. I think his smile was the best smile compared to others smiles I got today. When it was time to go home, he also politely held out his hand and let people get out first, even though he had some difficulty talking actually.

Then after going here and there and finally I took a bus to go home, I sat among two people in the bus. One was an old man, a very skinny old man with wrinkles all over his skin who looked very fragile. The other one was a blind man. My destination was just two stations away from where I took off. These two men’s destination was the same. It was the final station of that corridor anyway. On the road, I noticed that both these men were traveling alone by themselves. The old man was maybe around 60s, he was very skinny, and when I saw him, I thought that he might have some difficulty walking later when he wanted to get off, so I thought that I would just let him walk first when we arrived later. But surprisingly, when we were near the last station, he got up from his seat agilely and stood by near the door. Then he walked out of the bus quite fast. That surprised me because he was quite different from many old people I’ve seen. I just got back from a mall and I noticed that there were many old people, who seemed to be younger than that old man, had difficulty walking and usually preferred to just sit quietly on a bench or chair available waiting for their children or their grandchildren without doing any activity at all.

While the old man had already got off the bus, I waited for a while, wanting to see how the blind man beside me got off the bus. At first I thought that maybe the woman who sat beside him on the other side was his relative somehow, but she wasn’t. He was practically just travelling all by himself. When most people had already got off the bus, this blind man finally got up from his seat and walked right behind me. When he arrived at the door, he hesitated for a while because there was a big gap between the bus and platform, a gap big enough for little kid to fall into it if he wasn’t careful. After I held his arm and told him to be careful, he stepped out of the bus and continued to walk slowly all by himself along the platform holding his white cane (cane for blind people).

These people I mentioned above might look pitiful somehow to most of us. But instead of pitying them, I think I’m amazed by them more. Even if they looked impaired, they showed their own bravery and independence that not everybody has. Not everybody dare to go out alone without being accompanied by someone they know. Not everybody is brave enough to accept themselves and go on with their lives without self-pity. Not everybody can live on their lives without giving in to some problems or disability. These people somehow inspire me to do better in my life.

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