18-kippu Trip Day 3 and 4: Osaka

(This blog post has been staying in the draft for 4 years without being finished and posted, it makes me feel like I have a debt here. I guess it’s time to finish it.)

On the third day of our trip, we were in Osaka, staying overnight the night before. On that day, we visited several places from morning till night. The first place we visited was Osaka Aquarium (海遊館). This aquarium is known for its whale shark. It has a big tank of 9 meter deep for Pacific Ocean fishes. There are also some other animals like penguins, seals, dolphins, jelly fish, capybara, etc. We didn’t spend too much time in the aquarium. We went out from the aquarium at noon.


Osaka Aquarium animals

Osaka Aquarium animals

The next place we went to was Osaka Castle (大阪城). It is one of the most famous castles in Japan, and it played a major role during the unification of Japan in the sixteenth century. There are many miniature figures inside the castle museum depicting the Summer War of Osaka.

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle

Our next destination was the Umeda Sky Building. It has a Floating Garden Observatory (空中庭園) and visitors can go up to the top of the building to observatory and see the city of Osaka from up there.

Umeda Sky Building

Umeda Sky Building

The next day, which was the fourth day of our trip, our destination was the Universal Studio Japan. There were many attractions that can be seen in the pictures below.

Universal Studio Japan Attractions

Universal Studio Japan Attractions

At night they also have Magical Starlight Parade for many of their characters at night.

We spent two days in Osaka, the next day it was time to continue our trip to our next destinations: Kobe and Himeji.

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