Hanabi at Sumidagawa (隅田川)

Every year during summer there are firework shows at many places in Japan. Most of them are scheduled in August. Since I was going back from Japan in August, I didn’t have much time left to see the fireworks. Luckily there was one firework show which I could attend, the fireworks at Sumidagawa near Asakusa on July 31st 2010. It was a custom for people to wear yukata to see fireworks in summer. So during summer, it was a common sight to see many people going around in yukata, they were probably going to see a firework show somewhere. Well, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to put on some yukata too, so we bought yukata and wore them to the fireworks festival.

wearing yukata

wearing yukata

It was very crowded along the Sumidagawa river. It was a fireworks show of quite a big scale, so many people went to see the fireworks. It would be wise to come several hours earlier to take some place, since if you came too late there would no spot left for you to sit and see the fireworks. We went to Sumidagawa two or three hours early before the fireworks show started. Even then, finding a good spot to sit was quite difficult. Everybody brought their own mat and food and just sit down there until the fireworks started. The fireworks show had its own schedule and theme. The total duration of the fireworks show was quite long too, I don’t remember exactly but it was more than one hour. Some of the fireworks were designed to show the shape of some popular characters, one that I remember was Doraemon.




The pictures here were all taken by my friend since I didn’t have the camera with me at that time.

After the fireworks show there was one problem left, going home. Since there were so many people watching the fireworks that day, the Asakusa Station was very crowded, people waited in line to get into the station, the line even poured outside the station. We had to wait for quite some time before we could get into the station and take the train home.

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