YSEP Factory Study Tour 4: Ebara Corporation

The fourth Factory Study Tour for my autumn semester of YSEP was held at Ebara Corporation, Fujisawa District on January 19th, 2010. It was located at 4-2-1 Honfujisawa, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 251-8502, Japan.

Ebara Corporation is one of the world’s principal manufacturers of fluid transfer machinery, with particularly strong positions in pumps, compressors, fans, and chillers. This company is also a prominent contractor of environmental engineering systems. Ebara is also a leading supplier of precision machinery to the semiconductor device manufacturing industry. The main products and service of Ebara Corporation are:

  1. Fluid machinery and systems
    • Standard pumps
    • Engineered pumps
    • Micro gas turbines
    • Turbo compressors, blowers, and fan
    • Gas and steam turbines
    • Chillers
    • Pumping system engineering
  2. Environmental engineering
    • Waterworks system
    • Sewage systems
    • Industrial water/wastewater treatment plants
    • Solid waste processing/utilization system
    • Chemicals
  3. Precision machinery
    • CMP systems
    • Plating systems
    • Cleaning systems
    • Dry-vacuum pumps
    • Turbo molecular pumps

The headquarter of Ebara Corporation is located near Haneda Airport. While the place we visited was the Fujisawa District of Ebara Corporation. Fujisawa Plant was established in 1965. It has already acquired some certifications like ISO 900, ISO 14001. There are several factories of Ebara, like the headquarter near Haneda, the factories at Fujisawa, Sodegaura, and Futtsu. Fujisawa plant has an area of 360.436 m2 with 2500 employees. The Fujisawa District was established for mass production of small pumps, as well as refrigerating machines, fans, blowers, and boiler systems. Later it also produced engineering pumps for heavy-duty use, vacuum systems for the semiconductor industry, and equipment for semiconductor fabrication.

At first, we heard some explanations from the staffs of Ebara Corporation and also saw some demo of a small model about how their pumping system worked. It was also said that the products of Ebara Corporation were used in some famous places like Merlion Singapore, Water Supply Museum in Taipei, Taiwan. After the presentation we had a tour of Fujisawa factory.

The places we visited were standard pumps assembly shop, industrial pumps machine shop, industrial pumps assembly shop, and precision machinery shop. In those machinery shops we could see how the workers worked and also how the systems of many processes in the factory worked. Every product of the factory was examined so that they can guarantee the quality of the products. The products that did not satisfy the specifications were put out in a special place and marked at their unsatisfying parts. We also looked at the system test clean room where the workers should all wear sterile clothes.

Ebara pumps ready to be shipped

Ebara pumps ready to be shipped

Products of Ebara Corporation

Products of Ebara Corporation

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