YSEP Factory Study Tour 5: Nissan Advanced Technology Center

The 5th factory study tour was held at Nissan Advanced Technology Center (NATC) on April 21st 2010. It was located at Morinosatoaoyama, Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa-ken. Nissan is an international automobile company. It has offices worldwide and its products are well known in the world. Nissan is now researching and developing the electric vehicle. So, during this factory study tour, we were given some lecture about electric vehicles and also some explanation and tour of NATC.

The first lecture explained about the technology development of Nissan’s electric vehicle and its future vision. The background of the development of electric powertrain is because of the energy transformation. People change from using oil as an energy source to electricity. This is caused by the decrease in oil stock, the increase of oil price and also the need to reduce CO2 emission. Therefore, Nissan develops electric vehicle to fulfill those needs.

There are some attracting points of the electric vehicles:

  • The vehicle can be charged at home (during the night time), so it will be filled up every morning.
  • It has zero emission.
  • It has high energy efficiency.
  • It causes no noise.
  • It has quicker acceleration to reach the same performance as normal car.

For the power source of this electric vehicle, Nissan uses Li-ion battery. Nissan started to develop Li-ion battery for vehicle use in 1992. Li-ion battery has some advantages: 2 times power, 2 times energy, half in size compared with usual lead acid battery.

There are 3 types of electricity charging for this electric vehicle:

  • For short distance: ordinary charge
  • For short/middle distance: ordinary/quick charge
  • For long distance: quick charging

After the lecture about electric vehicle, we also got some explanation about the NATC. Then we had a tour around NATC. We got to see around the NATC to know the building and working environment in NATC. We also got some chance to try the driving simulator, to see the demo of robot in the car which could recognize the driver, to get some explanation about the robot following the principle of fish colony, and also to see and get inside one of the cars with camera which can give some alarm to the driver if the car gets too close to other cars.

After the tour around the NATC, we had some party.

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