YSEP Factory Study Tour 6: Toshiba Keihin Product Operations

The 6th Factory Study Tour on May 12th 2010 was a visit to Toshiba Keihin Product Operations. Toshiba Keihin Product Operations focuses on the development of technologies to provide energy systems and equipment for those energy systems. There are three kinds of energy systems equipments provided by Toshiba Keihin Product Operations: thermal power plant, nuclear power plant, and hydro power plant.

Toshiba Keihin Product Operations provides equipments for thermal power plants such as steam turbine, turbine generator, heat exchanger, and also piping. In the factory study tour, we were shown the blades used for turbines, which were large in size. There were also other parts like the casing, rotor, and so on. Besides producing the already developed equipments, they still tried to create new innovation such as increasing the unit capacity, minimizing the dimensions, enhancing efficiency, etc. The machines that we saw in the factory were so huge and during the assembling, the turbine should be put vertically that the roof of the factory was made high up.

The system used for nuclear power plant developed by Toshiba was Advanced Boiling Water Reactor system (ABWR). The ABWR was developed based on the Boiling Water Reactor (BWR), with the reliability and cost effectiveness improved. Toshiba also cooperated with Westinghouse Electric Corp (WEC) for the Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR). The equipments for nuclear power plants produced by Toshiba were nuclear steam turbine, moisture separator reheater, fuel handling equipment, FMCRD handling equipment, etc. The production of the components was done very carefully especially for the nuclear power plants because one little mistake would cause big bad effect, so the workers worked and operated the machines very carefully.

Another power plant system developed by Toshiba was hydro power plant. Toshiba was the first to deliver hydraulic turbine and generator in Japan, and now Toshiba continues to ship hydraulic turbines and generators all over the world. The equipments developed by Toshiba for hydro power plant included hydro turbines, generators, pumped storage plants, etc.

Toshiba is also developing new energy system and equipment, such as equipment for fusion reactor R&D, superconducting magnet, particle accelerator, and remote handling system. In order to guarantee the quality of its products, Toshiba put special care on the equipments production processes, especially on the welding, machining, and measurement processes.

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