Korean Film Festival 2013

From June 25th to 30th 2013 the Embassy of The Republic Korea held Korean Film Festival screening many Korean movies in Indonesia for free. In Jakarta, the movies were shown at Blitzmegaplex Pacific Place. There were ten movies shown in this festival: Boomerang Family, Miracle in Cell No. 7, Deranged, How To Use Guys With Secret Tips, Masquerade, Pluto, Runway Cop, A Wonderful Moment, The Thieves, and The Grand Heist. Korean films are quite popular in Indonesia, therefore there were a lot of people going to the festival to watch the films. It was not easy to get the tickets for the movies. The queues for the tickets were long and one might not get any ticket by the time he/she arrived at the front of the queues.

KFF Booklet

KFF Booklet

KFF ticket: A Wonderful Moment

KFF ticket: A Wonderful Moment

KFF ticket: Runway Cop

KFF ticket: Runway Cop

I got to watch two movies in this festival. One was A Wonderful Moment. This movie was about a musical director who had to mentor one child actor and compete with other directors. The child he picked was a multicultural child, his mother was a Filipino and thus was not easily admitted and accepted when he could actually win the competition.


The other movie I watched was Runway Cop. This was a comedy movie about a cop going undercover by pretending to be a supermodel in order to catch his suspect.


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