German Cinema Film Festival 2013

From June 20th to 29th 2013, Goethe Insitut in Indonesia held German Cinema Film Festival. It was a festival screening many German films in several cities in Indonesia, one of them was Jakarta. They were screened at two places: Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia and Blitzmegaplex Pacific Place. All the tickets were free and were given an hour before the screening. The tickets were “sold out” pretty quickly, but I was quite lucky to have got 7 films to watch in this festival. They were:

  • Dreileben 1, Dreileben 2, Dreileben 3 from the Dreileben Project; these movies were about a convicted sex offender who escaped from police detention seen from three different points of view.
  • Halt Auf Freier Strecke: a movie about a man’s and his family’s struggle when he was diagnosed with malignant tumor on his brain.
  • Vergiss Mein Nicht: a movie about a woman who had Alzheimer and her family who cared about her.
  • Die Brücke Am Ibar: a movie about a Serbian woman giving shelter to an Albanian man when he was wounded during the war between the two countries.
  • Der Verdingbub: a movie about a boy who was sold as a cheap labor in a farm, abused by the farm owners, and had a dream of becoming an accordion player.

German Film Festival booklet


German Film Festival screening schedule

German Film Festival Tickets

German Film Festival Tickets

German Film Festival Tickets

German Film Festival Tickets

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