My Experiences on Listening to Music Recitals

Listening to classical music performances live was one of my dreams when I started to take interest in classical music. So when I first got information about a violin recital here in Jakarta, I was very excited. The recital was right at the same day when I knew about the event on November 26th 2013, so I had to be quick. It was a recital by a Finnish violinist named Linda Hedlund at an art community called Salihara. She performed the songs from three composers: Aulis Sallinen, Markus Fagerudd, and Sven Einar Englund, all three of them are from Finland. The songs she played were as follow:

  • Aulis Sallinen (1935 – )
    • Cadenza, Op. 13 (1965)
    • Canto, Op. 37 (1975)
    • Ritornello, Op. 36 (1975)
  • Markus Fagerudd (1961 – )
    • A Melody from the Countryside (2002)
    • The Green Violin (2002)
  • Sven Einar Englund (1916 – 1999)
    • Arioso Interrotto (1979)
    • Serenata Elegiaco (1979)

The songs she played were not familiar to me since I haven’t heard any pieces from those composers before. At some points I focused on how the violinist could play a sound like this or like that or how she could perform with certain techniques that I wasn’t really enjoying the music. A regrettable experience, I should have paid more attention to the music instead.


The second music recital I listened to was a piano recital from Edna Stern. The piano recital was right at the Goethe Haus on Saturday, January 18th 2014, after my German course there, so of course I wouldn’t miss a chance to listen to the piano recital. The piano recital was about music from the Baroque period to Romantic period. The performed pieces were popular pieces from popular composers as follow:

  • Couperin: Ordre 25ème de clavecin “La Monflambert”
  • Galuppi: Sonata in C minor
  • Galuppi: Sonata in D minor
  • Mozart: Fantasy in D minor
  • Mozart: Sonata No. 11 “Alla Turca”
  • Mozart: Variations on “Ah, vous dirai-je Maman”
  • Haydn: Variations in F minor
  • Beethoven: Sonata op. 13 “Pathetique”

She even added several more pieces which were not originally included in the list of pieces she would perform, like the Etude Opus 10 No. 12 (Revolutionary) from Chopin, and two more pieces that I can’t quite remember now.


Both performances were astounding for me. The next performance that I want to listen to is an orchestra, but it is quite expensive and is usually located far away from my place now.

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