A DIY Book Stand

I have had a need for a book stand to hold a violin practice book up and really flat for quite some time. I usually just used a student examination board and then put them on my laptop leaning against the monitor. This has proved to be not very useful, since the examination board was too small, the book usually slumped so I couldn’t really get a good look at the book filled with all those tiny music notes on the narrow music staff. Besides, I have a fan turned on which would always blow and turn the pages.

I tried to endure with this condition, since I had only one practice book and the rest of the music sheets were pdf files. But recently I bought three other books to help me understand better on the musical symbols and how to play them, so I thought that it was time to find a book stand. I have seen a book stand made of plastic at home.It was my sister’s book stand she bought abroad. She said that it helped her when she had to look at the book and also type something at the computer. Having quite an image of what I wanted to look for, I went to several stationery and book stores to find similar book stand. None of them sold such a thing. There was a book stand made of wood for people learning to read Al Qur’an. No good, it couldn’t hold the book flat and only provided an angle of view from above the book. There was also an easel for painting. It was too expensive even for a really small one. There was also a paper holding board similar to the student examination board, but this one was made of metallic board instead of wooden board, it was designed for an A3 paper, unfortunately the size was a little bit smaller than what I needed, it was heavy and had no leg to help it stand and adjust the angle of the board, and it was expensive. No good again.

Frustrated at having not found a suitable and cheap book stand, an idea struck me in the bookstore. I saw the alva board (I don’t know its name, it was just written as “alva board” on the receipt) made out of plastic with lines of holes like those of the cardboard boxes. I’ve used one of those boards to hold a 1000-pieces-puzzle up on the wall, which saved me from buying expensive, heavy wooden picture frame which was also unavailable in the size I needed unless I ordered a custom size. So, I thought up a simple design in my head trying to use as little variety of material as possible and I came up with this, a book stand made solely from one material: the alva board. Not to mention that it was much cheaper and provided the exact size and angle I needed. Now I can practice violin well without getting annoyed by the wind or gravity messing with the book.

2014-05-20-22-50-38_deco 2014-05-20-22-49-24_deco

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