World Royal Heritage Festival 2013

On December 7th 2013 I went to the World Royal Heritage Festival in Monas. It was a festival presented by the government of Jakarta, showing the cultural legacies of royal palaces all over Indonesia. There were also delegates from several royal palaces around the world. There were many exhibitions showing items from the royal palaces, like the horse carriages, batik, keris, etc. The horse carriages were also used in the cultural parade on Sunday the 8th.


There were also various traditional food sold in the Monas area. I tried kerak telor, a traditional Betawi food made of glutinous rice and egg fried like omelets and then topped with serundeng (fried shredded coconut). The kerak telor tasted quite good.

kerak telor

kerak telor

On the stage there were also traditional dances from provinces all over Indonesia. I got to see the Minang dance and also dances from Sulawesi. Sadly I didn’t take any good pictures of the dances and the festival. 😦

20131207_222132 20131207_222120

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