Learning German

It’s been a little more than a year since I first learned German language. One of the common topics discussed in class, whether it was to learn a new grammatical form, sentence forming practice, or just casual conversation between students, was “Warum lernst du Deutsch?”. Why do you learn German? Most people would answer that because they wanted to study in the universities or colleges in German. Some people said it was useful for their work, some learned it because they were moving to German. I was always confused on what to say about this topic in simple sentence. So I just said that I had fun learning German. Well, it was true that I had fun learning German. But the very first reason I took the German course was because I got a free German course in a lucky draw.

Winning Free Course Door Prize

Winning Free Course Door Prize

It was November 11th 2012, I went to the Goethe Institut open house celebrating the 50th anniversary of Goethe Institut in Indonesia. There were many activities in this open house: information about studying in German and the scholarship, information about the courses, music performances, comic workshops, free facepainting, free German film screening, photo booth, and the last event at night was the door prize on stage. Every visitor was given one number to be drawn in the door prize event. I wasn’t really hoping that I would win anything in the door prize. I was just eating mutton fried rice right behind the stage when my name and my number were called as the winner of the second best door prize for winning one free extensive German course. The best prize was free traveling to German for several days. With this lucky win I began my German course in April 2013 and then continued my German course until now.

GI 50th Anniversary Booklet

GI 50th Anniversary Booklet

Learning German Books

Learning German Books

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