Piano Recital – Daniel Herscovitch

On July 2nd I went to Goethe Haus in Jakarta to listen to the piano recital from Daniel Hersovitch, a pianist from Australia. The theme of his piano recital was “Dari Schubert Sampai Sukarlan”. It told the history of classical piano music for about 200 years. These were the pieces played by Daniel:

  • Piano Sonata in E-flat Major Op. 81a (Das Lebewohl in German) from Beethoven, a song about the departure of Beethoven’s patron when the French attacked on Vienna
  • Impromptu in F-minor D.935 No.1 from Schubert
  • Sacred Dance and Final Duet from ‘Aida’ from Liszt/Verdi
  • Devoirs from Yazeed Djamin
  • Rapsodia Nusantara No. 10 from Ananda Sukarlan, a song for remembering the Bali bombings
  • Piano Sonata in F-sharp minor Op.11 from Schumann
  • Pasang Surut from Trisutji Kamal, an additional ending song for this recital

All the songs were played very well by Daniel. Personally I like Rapsodia Nusantara No. 10 the best. This song incorporates the traditional music from Bali, and was composed and played beautifully to create a great music.

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