Opening an online shop

Recently I have started to open up a new online shop, selling accessories and small unofficial merchandise, named HYU Shop. This is my first experience of having a business. I do everything by myself, from buying the items to sell, managing the inventory of the items, marketing, to packaging and shipping the items. It was really a one-person-shop. It is still a young shop, it has been opened for only one week. But I have faced quite a lot of hardship setting up and managing this shop. My items arrived late due to the tardiness in the post office, and I had to go several times to the post office, wasting my time and money trying to track those items without any satisfactory result. Marketing the items I sell was also not as easy as I thought. Not many people visited my online shop, not to say decide to buy something. Finally when I made my first sale, the item I shipped arrived broken at the buyer’s home. Some other things related to this online shop also suffered some problems. Those problems happened in timeframe relatively close to each other.

HYU Shop opening

Nevertheless, I learned a lot from having this online shop. I learned how to photograph the items I’m going to sell. It was not easy to photograph the accessories and get the color correct, especially the gold color or the silver color. Out of the three types of items I have so far, gold, silver, and bronze color, the bronze one was the easiest to take picture of. In order to do things right, I could not take the photos indoor. I had to hunt for the sun from early morning to get natural and not too strong light for my pictures. I spent time to learn how to take pictures of accessories and jewelry, I also spent money to buy some prop and background for my photos, or created some prop from the existing items I had.

I also learned about packaging the items. The first item I sold arrived broken upon arrival at my buyer’s house. Even though I had packaged the items just the same way as when my supplier shipped the items to me, it seemed that it wasn’t enough. The couriers here just don’t seem to be able to manage shipping things carefully without breaking the items. So I had to resend the item as a compensation for my buyer. The second time I sent the item, I packaged it carefully with extra protection using bubble wrap and box. Hope that it will arrive safely at my buyer’s house.

I learned a lot also from sites giving advices about ecommerce, online shop, advertising, how to gain more SEO, and such things. I haven’t tried them out though. My work in the office is consuming a lot of time and energy plus a lot of problems lately have also consumed a lot of energy that I feel dissipated all the time.

Hope the online shop business goes well.

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