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Having an online shop has made me learn a lot of things, one of them is photographing my product to display them on my shop. I am a total newbie when it comes to photography, so I had to do a lot of research and came across with a lot of helpful sites that provide tips for product photography which I will list here:

The top tips that comes up in those articles is using natural light, as in the light from the sun, for lighting the objects we want to photograph. Unfortunately my room is not very well-lit with sunlight and I don’t have the time to shoot my items in the morning sun since I have to go to work, so I tried to use the other tips from the articles which is using the light box to get enough light on the objects I wanted to photograph. I made my own light box from unused cardboard, covering the walls with white papers and bought an 85W LED lamp to light up the object of my photograph. Well, the light box did help a lot in providing more light on the objects. The problem was, the objects of my photographs which were mostly silver or gold colored objects reflected the light they received. And as a result, the color of my objects seemed dull and pale, not quite the right color I wanted to catch on the photo.

Since I want to use the photos to display my items on my online shop, I need to take them right, so that the photos describe as closely as possible how the items really look like, especially the color. Frustrated with not getting the photos right, I tried the top tips on the articles, using the sun light to light the objects. I managed to find some time in the morning to photograph the items, and the result was more satisfying. You could say that the sun is really our best friend in this kind of photography, since the color of objects looked way much more realistic than in the light box. I’m not saying that using light box is not a good idea. It might work on items that do not reflect and depend on the light they receive that much.



Well, I know that my photographs still need a lot of improvement, so I will share anything that I’ve learned from photographing my products in later posts.

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