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Hanami (花見)

It is spring now, cherry blossoms are blooming everywhere. Usually during this time, Japanese will gather with their friends or family and have hanami (flower viewing) under the cherry blossom trees. Usually people will gather in the park or public … Continue reading

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My New Year in Japan

Happy New Year! あけましておめでとうございます Today is the first day in 2010. It is my first time to have a new year abroad. Tokodai Indonesian Students Association (PPI Tokodai) had an avent in order to welcome the new year. We gathered … Continue reading

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Playing Ski

On December 25th – 27th, I went to play ski in an event “Winter Daisuki” which was organized by PMIJ feat PPI Kanto. It took place at Nagano (長野), at Hakuba Sanosaka (白馬さのさか). Actually we played ski for two days, … Continue reading

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Indang Dance Performance at Sumatera no Kaze

On December 5th, 2009, PPI Tokodai Dancers Group performed Indang Dance in an event called Sumatera no Kaze. Sumatera no Kaze was a charity event organized by ICJ (Indonesian Community in Japan) to raise fund for Padang earthquake victims in … Continue reading

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Indang Dance

Today will be my fifth time to perform Indang Dance. Indang Dance is a dance from Minangkabau culture, West Sumatera, Indonesia. This dance is performed by sitting. Indang Dance was established by observing how fishermen cast their net and how … Continue reading

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Momiji @ Takao-san

On November 22nd, my friends and I went to see momiji (紅葉) at Takao-san (高尾山). In the autumn, the leaves of Japanese maple turn red, and this is called momiji, which means red leaves. Takao-san is one of the places … Continue reading

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